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  1. overnights
    The Continental Series-Premiere Recap: There Will Be GunsAn origin story for Winston Scott and the Continental Hotel brings the John Wick universe to television.
  2. tv review
    The Continental Is Built on a MiscalculationOnly one scene in a neon-lit nightclub and only one guy with a katana? Are we sure this is a John Wick series?
  3. to be continued
    Lionsgate Definitely Isn’t Letting the John Wick Franchise DieJohn Wick 5 is in development with other spinoffs, an exec confirmed.
  4. endings
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of John Wick: Chapter 4That final shot and the end-credits stinger might be more closely connected than they appear.
  5. vulture lists
    Every Keanu Reeves Movie Performance, RankedFrom Ted to John Wick and everything in between.
  6. box office updates
    John Wick: Chapter 4 Obliterates Box-Office EnemiesBeating Creed III and Shazam! Fury of the Gods for the No. 1 spot.
  7. at the club
    An Ode to John Wick’s Many Nightclub BrawlsThe whole world was John Wick’s dance floor, and what a delight to watch him bust a move (and some heads).
  8. movie review
    The Limits and Wonders of John Wick’s Last FightIn John Wick: Chapter 4, bodies are cut, shot, broken, and strangely beautiful when meeting their ends. If only every end were earned.
  9. rip
    John Wick 4 Cast ‘Still in Shock’ After Lance Reddick’s Death“Just to be in his light and to get a chance to work with him, I’ll cherish for the rest of my life,” Keanu Reeves said at the premiere.
  10. tributes
    Keanu Reeves, Wendell Pierce, and More Remember Lance ReddickHis wife thanked the many Destiny fans who paid tribute, writing, “Lance loved you as much as he loved the game.”
  11. vulture lists
    Charon, Lieutenant Daniels, and Zavala: Lance Reddick’s Essential RolesWhether it was an assassin hotel concierge, a dragon, or the chief of police in any number of U.S. cities, Reddick elevated every character.
  12. remembrance
    The Purposeful Presence of Lance ReddickFrom The Wire to John Wick, the late actor was in perfect control of all his performative gifts.
  13. rip
    Lance Reddick, The Wire and John Wick Actor, Dead at 60Reddick was found dead of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles.
  14. sxsw 2023
    Keanu Reeves Dodges Marriage Proposal at John Wick 4 PremiereBut not talk of a Constantine sequel.
  15. trailer mix
    Keanu Reeves Goes on Fourth Rampage Over Dead DogMan’s got a new best friend in John Wick: Chapter 4 trailer.
  16. vulture lists
    A Ranked Guide to John Wick–Inspired MoviesEvaluating the latest generation of stunt-heavy, fist-fighting action movies, including this weekend’s Violent Night.
  17. let’s do it again
    The Hardest Sequel I Ever WroteThe writers behind Blade Runner 2049, Batman Returns, the John Wick sequels, and more on their toughest franchise gigs.
  18. how good to see you
    Lance Reddick Answers Every Question We Have About John WickThe beloved character actor on Charon’s Pretty Woman connection, the time a bunch of rats swarmed set, and the note from Keanu he’s getting framed.
  19. tv
    Well, Mel Gibson Is Starring in the John Wick Prequel The ContinentalThe origin story will be a three-night TV event for Starz.
  20. casting call
    Ahoy! Clancy Brown Joins John Wick: Chapter 4 CastProduction is currently under way on the film.
  21. casting couch
    Sterling K. Brown to Get His John Wick Moment in Amazon’s Coyote BlueThe feature debut by Star Trek: Picard and Kung Fu’s Hanelle M. Culpepper.
  22. casting call
    Oh Me, Oh My: Rina Sawayama to Make Film Debut in John Wick: Chapter 4No details on her role, though.
  23. movie review
    Think of Netflix’s Sentinelle As John Wick on the RivieraDon’t let this hidden Netflix action gem slip through the cracks this weekend.
  24. adaptations
    John Wick Creator to Turn Your D&D TV Show Fantasy Into a RealityAnother Hasbro game gets the live-action series treatment.
  25. keanews
    John Wick 4 Isn’t Even Out Yet, But John Wick 5 Is Already ConfirmedThe poor guy needs a vacation.
  26. chat room
    John Wick 3’s Mark Dacascos Geeked Out With Keanu Reeves“It said that I’m a fan, but in my mind I’m a fanboy.”
  27. that was fast
    The World Needs a Hero, So John Wick Chapter 4 Is Coming in 2021Parabellum is a hit, so more Wick is coming in hot.
  28. dog fu
    How a Bunch of Cat Wranglers Helped John Wick 3 Director Perfect Dog FuThe Parabellum filmmaker on turning Halle Berry into a dog trainer, herding Moroccan cats, and why he loves “crotch biting.”
  29. movie review
    John Wick 3 Is Bloated, Pretentious, and Too Stylish for Its Own GoodThe movie should by rights be a “Wow!” But it feels self-conscious, with long waits between its few dazzling fights.
  30. in conversation
    Anjelica Huston on Growing Up, and Growing Older, in Hollywood“I always thought how great it would be to be a woman of leisure. But I have to work.”
  31. movies
    Halle Berry Broke 3 Ribs Filming John Wick 3, But It Was Nothing!She was too busy training with the movie’s very good dogs to notice the injury.
  32. movies
    The Beatific Imperfection of Keanu Reeves in The MatrixHe invented a new kind of action star.
  33. tv development
    Starz Is Developing a John Wick TV Show About That Hotel for AssassinsThe Continental is set in the John Wick universe and about the inner workings of the Continental Hotel for assassins.
  34. the industry
    John Wick Will Make Good on Promise to ‘Kill Them All’ in Chapter 3 in 2019Wick really isn’t good at retiring.
  35. a history of violence
    Movies Are More Violent Than Ever Before, and It’s AmazingIf you have an appetite for high body counts, fight choreography, and onscreen savagery, Hollywood might finally be meting out enough punishment.
  36. close reads
    Why Keanu Reeves Is Such an Unusual (and Great) Action StarHe works in both the tradition of Hong Kong action films and classic Hollywood.
  37. john wick
    By Killing a Puppy, the Creators of John Wick Birthed a FranchiseOn the eve of the sequel’s release, the people involved explain the story behind the cult hit.
  38. primers
    From John Woo to John Wick, Here’s Your Guide to Gun FuKeanu Reeves has a lot of experience.
  39. sequels
    A Third John Wick Is Reportedly in the WorksDirector Chad Stahelski says they’re working on the concept.
  40. red pill
    Aw, Yeah: Laurence Fishburne Has a Cameo in John Wick 2It’s a Matrix reunion.
  41. cloak and dagger
    Theron to Star in Movie From John Wick DirectorsPeople keep asking if they’re back. Yeah, they’re back.
  42. vulture lists
    Which Taken Knockoff Is the Best? We Ranked All 14 of ThemWhich Taken clones are actually worth your time?
  43. movies
    There’s Going to Be a Sequel to John WickNo word on if Keanu will return.
  44. weekend box office
    Ouija Scares Up Teens to Take the WeekendBoo.
  45. movie review
    John Wick Is a Violent, Violent, Violent Film, But Oh-So BeautifulAt this point, Keanu Reeves can do stoic and haunted in his sleep.
  46. casting couch
    Keanu Reeves Hitman Movie Casts Two More PartsJason Isaacs and Bridget Moynahan sign on.