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Joke Stealing

  1. Inside Matt Besser’s Punk Rock Musical Podcast ‘Stolen Idea’Matt Besser has done all there is to do in comedy, but ask him and he’ll tell you about a life that could have been as a musician. In Stolen […]
  2. Russell Peters Played a Late April Fools’ ‘Prank’ on Everyone by Calling […]Trevor Noah has been at the center of much internet backlash since Comedy Central hired him as the next Daily Show host last week, but the […]
  3. Is This the Most Plagiarized Joke of All Time?A few years ago I was flipping through Twitter and saw this joke: Those first two guys who thought Superman was a bird or a plane, what were […]
  4. Marvin Gaye, Robin Thicke, and Why Nobody Cares About Stolen JokesOn Tuesday a jury in Los Angeles found Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams guilty of copyright infringement and ordered them to pay $7.3 million […]
  5. ‘SNL,’ the Groundlings, and the Parallel Thinking ExcuseMembers of Los Angeles’ famed Groundlings theater company have made headlines by accusing SNL of lifting their sketch during last weekend’s […]
  6. ‘THR’ Explains Why Jokes Aren’t Always Covered by the Copyright ActTHR ran an interesting guest column over the weekend called “Why It’s So Hard to Get the Law to Protect a Good Joke” that explores intellectual […]
  7. Did E! Rip Off ‘Nikki and Sara Live’?Earlier today, Nikki Glaser sent a sad tweet out to her followers: “So, @ENews blatantly stole a bit from my old MTV show. It feels really […]
  8. So a Corporation Has Stolen Your JokeIn my fulltime job as Humor Editor for Groupon, I’m confronted daily by how difficult it can be to make a large company’s social media presence […]
  9. Who Cares About Joke Stealing?Unpopular Opinions is a new weekly column in which a writer takes a stand against popular opinion, whether it’s asserting the true merit of a […]
  10. Australia’s Got Talent, Rampant Joke Thievery Everyone’s a comedian, particularly if they’re actively stealing material from other, real comedians. Following a solid performance on […]