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Jon Snow Theories

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    Did Jon Snow Come Back From the Dead on Game of Thrones This Week?A weekly series.
  2. game of deaths
    HBO Confirms Jon Snow Is DeadFarewell.
  3. game of thrones season 6
    Kit Harington Lies About Returning to GOT“I filmed some scenes of me being dead.”
  4. game of thrones season 6
    Even HBO Is No Longer Pretending Jon Snow Is Really DeadAlso, the show will still premiere in April.
  5. jon snow theories
    Maisie Williams: Jon Snow Really IsOh really, Maisie? Like we haven’t heard that one before.
  6. jon snow theories
    Kit Harington: I Will Be Jon Snow for a WhileKit Harington loves to torture us.
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    Jon Snow Lives? Kit Harington Spotted in BelfastHe flew into Belfast Monday night.
  8. jon snow theories
    Even Arya Stark Is Super Sure Jon Snow’s Dead“We saw him get stabbed a lot in the chest, like, I think that’s pretty clear.”
  9. jon snow theories
    Kit Harington’s Everyday Life Is Not a Game of Thrones SpoilerLet him live!
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    Kit Harington: ‘It’s Like I’ve Been Sitting on This Big F*cking Secret’“Trust me, I’m sad, too.”