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Jonah Hex

  1. posters
    Why Do Movie Posters Always Shoot Cowboys From Behind?Now ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ is getting in on the act.
  2. the industry
    Why Toy Story 3 Soared and Jonah Hex Was CursedOnce the Woody/Buzz connection is formed, it is rooted for life.
  3. weekend box office
    Toy Story 3 Rules The Box Office’Jonah Hex’ bombs.
  4. mastodon
    Mastodon Grants Jonah Hex a Tiny Bit of Positive PublicityThe ‘Jonah Hex’ EP! Out June 29!
  5. the star market
    Star Market: What’s Megan Fox’s Show Biz Worth?If Megan Fox were a stock, should you buy, sell, or hold?
  6. dumb and dumber
    Vulture’s Stupidest Things of Summer: An Embarrassment of Riches“Rocket to Uranus” holds on, Ke$ha plummets, and the Situation and ‘Jonah Hex’ debut!
  7. trailer mix
    Jonah Hex Trailer: It Exists, FinallyAnd it could be worse. Also better.
  8. jonah hex
    Jonah Hex to Be Released on Time, Insists New Jonah Hex PosterWell, they have to put it out on June 18 now.
  9. jonah hex
    See a Ten-Second Clip of the Mythical Jonah Hex TrailerIt exists, maybe!
  10. the industry
    Will Jonah Hex Be Ready in Time?The shredding guitarist behind the soundtrack says, “What I’ve seen so far doesn’t seem to be finished to me.”
  11. aquaman
    An Aquaman Movie: Could It Happen?Yes, apparently!
  12. the industry
    Josh Schwartz Hits the Big CityPlus: Will Arnett plays it straight.
  13. the industry
    David Cronenberg Set to Do Creepy Things to Tom Cruise and Denzel WashingtonPlus: Freddy’s back.
  14. the industry
    Citizen FoxxPlus: ‘Beethoven 6!’