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Jonny Greenwood

  1. album review
    We Should Appreciate The Smile While It’s Still HereDropping four projects in 20 months screams “Here for a good time, not a long time.”
  2. album review
    The Smile’s A Light For Attracting Attention Peers Into an Ugly FutureThe Radiohead side project lingers in the space between roiling rage and burnout.
  3. retaliation
    Radiohead Releases Never-Heard OK Computer Sessions to Spite Hackers“Instead of complaining — much — or ignoring it, we’re releasing all 18 hours.”
  4. vulture lists
    I Might Be Wrong: Every Radiohead Song, RankedBreaking down the band’s decades-long career.
  5. respect the classics
    So, What’s Going on With Radiohead’s Rock Hall Induction?It’s a hard pass from Thom Yorke. But will the rest of the band show up?
  6. movies
    Pregaming: What Jonny Greenwood’s Score Sounds Like With Two Glasses of Wine“Phantom Thread IV” sounds as sharp and high as Cate Blanchett’s cheekbones.
  7. songs of the week
    10 Best New Songs of the Week: Troye Sivan, Parliament, Kendrick Lamar, Lil PeepJonny Greenwood’s Phantom Thread score balances both halves of the movie’s heart gorgeously.
  8. fan encounters
    That Time Radiohead Went Synth Shopping With a Fan in AustinAn actually cool story, bro.
  9. documentaries
    Paul Thomas Anderson Finally Made a Movie About Radiohead’s Jonny GreenwoodThe composer steps in front of the camera.
  10. right-click
    Stream a New Trippy Soundtrack From Thom YorkeFor the documentary The U.K. Gold.
  11. adaptations
    Yes, Jonny Greenwood Is Scoring Inherent ViceGreat!
  12. movie scores
    Will The Master’s Score Be Oscar-Snubbed?The score contains some previously published compositions, just like Jonny Greenwood’s Oscar-disqualified There Will Be Blood work.
  13. the master
    Stream Jonny Greenwood’s Soundtrack for The MasterWatch your back, Reznor.
  14. movies
    Jonny Greenwood to Score The MasterThe Radiohead guitarist will score his second P.T. Anderson film.
  15. radiohead
    Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood Play Hooky at GlastonburyGet back to work, you guys!
  16. troublemakers
    Sasha Frere-Jones Possibly Trying to Incite Radiohead-NIN Beefif Trent Reznor hears what Jonny Greenwood told Jones about signal purity and oxygen-free cables, he is going to EXPLODE.
  17. new yorke
    Radiohead (or Radiohead-Like Band) Releases New Song“These Are My Twisted Words” was posted to a torrent site last night.
  18. right-click
    50 Cent’s Money Could Kick Your AssPlus: Kylie!
  19. kudos
    Jonny Greenwood Denied an Oscar Nomination for Some Stupid ReasonIf you’re a Radiohead fan that typically likes to see the most deserving person win in his or her respective Oscar category, then you were probably doubly disappointed by this morning’s nominations.
  20. last night’s gig
    Jonny Greenwood Teaches Radiohead Fans Some ClassArdent Greenwood fans braved the beer-less venue, sitting with varying levels of attentiveness through the two pieces not written by the guy who played the guitar solo on “Paranoid Android.”
  21. apropos of nothing
    Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood the World’s First Celebrity to Realize Carbon Credits Are Stupid“We’ve heard bad things about them. I’m not sure that that’s enough; to buy off our guilt with money.”