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Jordan Firstman

  1. the vulture spot
    Rotting in the Sun Features 30 to 600 PenisesSebastián Silva and Jordan Firstman report back from a gay nude beach.
  2. comedians you should know
    Jordan Firstman Is Chasing the Light“I’d like to see more positivity, more depth, more joy, more fun. More things that connect people.”
  3. extremely online
    Ariana Grande Loves Jordan Firstman’s ‘Wild’ ImpressionsTalking with the Instagram comedian Grande called a “walking deck of Cards Against Humanity cards.”
  4. Jordan Firstman Needs a FeatureJordan Firstman is now competing with himself for the best short of 2017. Co-starring a pitch-perfect Craig Chester, Call Your […]
  5. ‘Men Don’t Whisper’: The Best Short of 2017?Another This Week in Web Videos installment and another go90/JASH collabo that awes. Yes. Men Don’t Whisper is that good. As […]