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  1. development hell
    Jordan Peele Would Rather Watch a Live-Action Akira Than Make ItTaika Waititi is the most recent filmmaker to take on the beast of development hell.
  2. masters of press
    Keke Palmer’s Nope Press Tour Deserves an ArchiveShe does her Angela Bassett impression … with Angela Bassett!
  3. lonely kushner
    Writer Outnumbered by Directors at Writer’s RoundtableGive Tony Kushner a friend!
  4. human rights
    Over 500 Men Join TV Writers’ Demand for Abortion ProtectionsIncluding Jordan Peele, Taika Waititi, and Jason Sudeikis.
  5. behind the seams
    Nope’s Vintage T-shirts Were Telling Us SomethingCostume designer Alex Bovaird explains what band merch, a Nudie suit, and one gravity-defying shoe have to do with Jean Jacket.
  6. synonyms
    Nope? It’s a Yup! Or a Yep. Which Affirmative Is the Truth?This is serious.
  7. frights and delights
    Black Horror Films Found Off the Beaten PathThe genre didn’t begin with Jordan Peele’s Get Out. From Ganja & Hess to Def by Temptation, here are 11 great films to consider.
  8. cut it out
    What’s Happening in the Deleted Scenes From Nope?Why were we denied Antlers Holst’s oversize-loungewear ’fit?
  9. backstories
    What You Can and Can’t See in Nope“A true point of view is where you just see enough but are yearning to see more,” says the film’s cinematographer on three key visual choices.
  10. foreshadowing
    Jordan Peele Shared One Last Nope Easter EggEnjoy the opening credits to Gordy’s Home!
  11. deep dives
    A Guide to the References and Easter Eggs in Jordan Peele’s NopeFrom Buck and the Preacher to the Jesus Lizard and the work of Steven Spielberg.
  12. chat room
    Even After Nope, Steven Yeun Hopes We Make Alien Contact“What happens when you get confirmation that there’s life outside, even if it’s an amoeba? What does that do to you?”
  13. getting away with murder
    The Bloody History Behind Those Moving Pictures in NopeJordan Peele’s Nope invokes thematic parallels to the story of the man who photographed the impossible — and was a stone-cold murderer.
  14. review roundup
    Is Nope a Yup? Critics Can’t DecideEarly takeaways for the Jordan Peele flick are in.
  15. movie review
    Nope Is Jordan Peele’s Darkest Horror Comedy to DateIn Jordan Peele’s thrilling new movie, Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer are willing to risk death to get something on camera.
  16. circling back
    Daniel Kaluuya Won’t Be in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever After AllBecause of scheduling conflicts with Jordan Peele’s Nope.
  17. coming soon
    A New Trailer for Nope? Yep!Jordan Peele’s upcoming horror movie is not of planet Earth … get it?
  18. cinemacon
    Jordan Peele Hopes to Scare You Into Saying Nope Out Loud“I’m going to personally thrive on the number of times we hear the word ‘nope’ in the theater.”
  19. super bowl lvi
    Jurassic World Dominion Kicks Off 2022 Super Bowl TrailersIdris Elba’s Knuckles has arrived.
  20. movie review
    Candyman Is a Soulless, Didactic ReimaginingNia DaCosta and Jordan Peele’s horror sequel gravely misunderstands the allure of the original and has nothing meaningful to say on its own.
  21. trailer mix
    Candyman Is Trying to Get You to Say His Name With a New Trailer“Black people don’t need to be summoning.
  22. release dates
    Yeah, NopeJordan Peele unveils the poster and date for his new horror film, starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun.
  23. yeun season
    God Is Good: Steven Yeun May Star in a Jordan Peele MovieWe don’t know many details yet, but who cares? We’ll be watching anyway.
  24. origin stories
    The Most Influential American Comedy Factory You’ve Never Heard OfIn the late 1990s, Boom Chicago took root in Amsterdam — and with it, the careers of many of today’s TV and movie standouts.
  25. tv review
    In Lovecraft Country, Monsters Past and Present ConvergeA present-tense correction of science fiction’s racist past, the new HBO series is what academics would call a “rich text.”
  26. trailer mix
    HBO’s Lovecraft Country Teaser Has Arrived to Take You to Eldritch TerritoryAll this non-Euclidean geometry makes the road maps hell to read.
  27. hoo-ah!
    Let’s All Watch Al Pacino Kill Some Nazis in the Hunters TrailerAl Pacino. Logan Lerman. Two of the greats, together at last!
  28. trailer mix
    Al Pacino Is Picking Off Nazis in the Hunters TrailerFrom producer Jordan Peele.
  29. What Adam Scott and Sanaa Lathan Love About The Twilight ZoneHere’s a twist, it’s not the twists!
  30. trailer mix
    Toy Story 4 Trailer: Meet Keanu’s Very Canadian Toy StuntmanAs well as Forky, Bunny, and Ducky.
  31. renewals
    The Last O.G. and Miracle Workers Renewed by TBSThey’ll return for second and third seasons, respectively.
  32. abortion
    Jordan Peele, J.J. Abrams Pledge HBO Show Fees to Fight Georgia Abortion Ban“In a few weeks we start shooting our new show Lovecraft Country and will do so standing shoulder to shoulder with the women of Georgia.”
  33. tv renewals
    CBS All Access Will Go Further Into The Twilight Zone With a Second Season[Creepy music.]
  34. chat room
    Shahadi Wright Joseph on Discussing Us Easter Eggs With Jordan Peele“Jordan Peele really brought the black community together.”
  35. freebies
    You Can Now Watch the First Episode of Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone for Free“The Comedian” stars Kumail Nanjiani and Tracy Morgan.
  36. us
    The Native Imagery of Jordan Peele’s Us, ExplainedHow the movie’s hokey funhouse reflects on years of horror stereotypes.
  37. last night on late night
    Jordan Peele Isn’t Going to Green-light Any of Desus and Mero’s Movie IdeasI’d pay money to see Bada Bing Babadook.
  38. tv review
    Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone Reboot Is Timeless, Modern, and PoliticalIt looks at paranoia, class disparity, xenophobia, and racism from the perspective of an outsider who had to fight for his piece of American pie.
  39. art du jour
    How The Twilight Zone Re-created a Timeless Opening Title Sequence for 2019The producers and composers behind the new revival break down how narration, imagery, and music was used to both honor and update an iconic opening.
  40. revivals
    Why The Twilight Zone Revival Isn’t Black-and-WhiteThey didn’t want to make “a karaoke version of the original,” says executive producer Simon Kinberg.
  41. conspiracy theories
    Unpacking Reddit’s Wildest Theory About UsIf the fingerless glove fits …
  42. us
    None of Us’s Jump Scares Compare to the Evil Family’s SandalsThe horror!
  43. box office
    Us Gives a Middle Finger to Hollywood’s Underestimation of Black MoviesJordan Peele’s $20 million Get Out follow-up now boasts the most lucrative opening for an original horror movie.
  44. auteur theory
    Did You Catch Jordan Peele’s Us Cameo?A real Hitchcock move.
  45. deep dives
    A Guide to the References and Easter Eggs in Jordan Peele’s UsEven the throwaway minutiae of Us warrants pause, deliberation, and some attempt at analysis.
  46. close reads
    Jordan Peele’s Us Is a Bone-Chilling Allegory for Generation XThe movie’s references, and its use of Hands Across America, speak directly to those who were born in the ’70s and grew up in the ’80s.
  47. close reads
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of Jordan Peele’s UsWatch yourself.
  48. movie review
    Us Doesn’t Live Up to Get Out, But It Shows the Promise of Jordan PeeleThe director’s second feature isn’t as trim or impish in its satire as his marvelous debut, but it’s the most inspiring kind of miss.
  49. chat room
    The Youngest Star of Us Would Really Like a Part in Black Panther 2Can someone cast this kid in a superhero joint?
  50. movies
    The Story of Hands Across America, the Failed Fundraiser in Jordan Peele’s UsHow a sweaty attempt at ’80s activism made its way into a horror movie.
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