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  1. maverick wake up
    Top Gun: Maverick Isn’t Not a Death Dream, Director Joseph Kosinski Says“There’s a mythic kind of element to the story that I think lends itself to that sort of interpretation.”
  2. movie review
    Chris Hemsworth’s Career-Best Performance Elevates Netflix’s SpiderheadTop Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski’s futuristic prison thriller is bizarre, thoughtful, and surprisingly funny.
  3. exit interview
    Joseph Kosinski’s Vast, Lonely WorldsThe Oblivion and Tron: Legacy director knew just how to pitch a Top Gun sequel to Tom Cruise: “Maverick is still Maverick,” he said. “But he’s alone.”
  4. cinemacon
    Top Gun: Maverick Is Making Grown Men Cry at CinemaConMany in the audience at CinemaCon found themselves surprisingly emotional at the continuing adventures of moviedom’s most iconic aviator.
  5. known knowns
    ‘White Boy Rick’ and the Atavist’s Big Hollywood ScoreThe Atavist’s story is optioned by Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski for an unprecedented six figures. 
  6. in development
    The Twilight Zone Movie Finds New DirectorOblivion director Joseph Kosinski. 
  7. movie review
    Edelstein: Everything in Oblivion Feels 100 Percent InauthenticWas Tom Cruise trying to beat out fellow Scientologist John Travolta for the honor of starring in the dumbest sci-fi epic ever?
  8. casting
    Tom Cruise Spirals Into OblivionHe’ll star in the big-budget sci-flick from the director of ‘Tron Legacy.’
  9. clickables
    See a Fake iPod Commercial From the Director of Tron: LegacyThis mock ad — which envisions an iPod that put the user into a scene from ‘The Shining’ — helped get Joseph Kosinski the gig helming ‘Tron.’
  10. chat room
    Tron: Legacy Director Joseph Kosinski on Private Freak-Outs and the Special Effect That’s Not Quite 100 Percent“It’s a three-and-a-half-year commitment to do a movie like this. It is a little insane how long it takes.”
  11. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Adams, MortensenPlus: Maggie Grace and Guy Pearce sign on for outer-space thriller.