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  1. How Long Before Obama Starts Playing Cricket?President Obama says he’s sick of briefing books and has started reading Joseph O’Neill’s ‘Netherland’ at night.
  2. kudos
    Netherland Finally Wins AwardIt’s practically the greatest thing James Wood ever read, and it took almost a year to win its first major award.
  3. news reel
    Jonathan Lethem and Joseph O’Neill Remember Updike the Father Figure“I always wrote with the subconscious — or conscious — knowledge that who knows, Updike might read this.”
  4. kudos
    Booker Prize Short List Announced!And Joseph O’Neill and Salman Rushdie aren’t on it!
  5. kudos
    Booker Prize Long List Announced; Can Anything Beat ‘Netherland’?Can anything beat the novel James Wood called ‘one of the most remarkable postcolonial books I have ever read’?
  6. ranters and ravers
    ‘Netherland’ Is Everywhere; How Long Before Hipsters Start Playing Cricket?We expect the grassy open spaces of Prospect Park to be filled with twentysomething Americans in dress whites by the end of the summer.