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  1. movie review
    JT Leroy Is Full of Great Actresses — But It’s Told From the Wrong PerspectiveThe title of JT Leroy is off the mark by only a couple of steps, but they’re gigantic ones.
  2. chat room
    How Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern Fell for Each Other on the Set of JT LeroyThe co-stars explain how they became friends, why Dern’s son is obsessed with Kristen, and what it’s like to read internet discourse about themselves.
  3. movie review
    Author: The JT LeRoy Story Explores the Phenomenon of a Genuine PhonyThis lively documentary peels off the mask once more.
  4. the industry
    Stewart, Franco, and HBC to Join JT LeRoy BiopicStewart would play Savannah Knoop, who played LeRoy in public.
  5. beef
    Laura Albert Versus Savannah Knoop: Who Is the Real Fake JT LeRoy?Albert, the real writer who wrote under the pseudonym JT LeRoy, is outraged today over the upcoming book from Knoop, the actress who played LeRoy in public appearances.
  6. news reel
    ‘Times’ Writes ‘JT LeRoy’’s Next Book PitchThe Times seems to have gone into the book-proposal business today. In the Metro section, Alan Feuer — war reporter and a memoirist himself — practically pitched, wrote, and blurbed the case of JT LeRoy imposter Laura Albert, describing it as “a literary cautionary tale, the story of a writer who hid behind her own assumed identity and lost herself while reaching for the truth.” Paging Nan Talese! Get Rudin on line two! Because Albert’s got quite a story to tell: drugs, sexual abuse, truckers with a spanking fetish. Or does Feuer want to tell it for her? Check out some of the purplest prose we’ve seen since Rick Bragg left the Gray Lady: “Life at home, meanwhile, was bad enough,” he writes. “Ms. Albert ran away. She landed in the punk scene, in the East Village, with the hustlers and the addicts … She was still in her early teens.”