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Karate Kid

  1. casting call
    The Karate Kid Reboot Is Looking Its Next StudentThe lucky kid will join Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio in the dojo.
  2. renewals
    Cobra Kai Says ‘Hi-Yah’ to a Fifth Season at NetflixSeason four kicks off this December.
  3. trailer mix
    New Legends Are Born and Old Enemies Return in Cobra Kai Season 4 TeaserThe soul of the valley is on the line in the All Valley Karate Championship.
  4. 80s nostalgia
    5 Things We Learned From the Karate Kid 30th-Anniversary Reunion Panel Johnny was robbed!
  5. theories
    How Evil a Bond Villain Is Javier Bardem? Check the Blond Hair Test!Where will he fall on a spectrum that includes The Karate Kid’s Johnny Lawrence and Draco Malfoy?
  6. Karate Kid Sequel Being WrittenBy the guy who wrote Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk.
  7. chat room
    Randee Heller, from Karate Kid to Mad Men“Ida got around, didn’t she?”
  8. weekend box office
    Toy Story 3 Rules The Box Office’Jonah Hex’ bombs.
  9. sequels
    Sequel to The Karate Kid In The WorksOf course.
  10. weekend box office
    Jaden Smith Defeats Shrek at the Box OfficeHeigl’s film isn’t earning impressive numbers.
  11. jaden smith
    Will Smith’s Son Is a Box-Office PowerhouseObvs.
  12. the karate kid
    Jackie Chan Stomps on Pat Morita’s GraveChan criticizes the action sequences of the original movie. And here we thought “wax on, wax off” was an actual training technique.
  13. movies
    See the Karate Kid in Mockumentary Wax On, F*ck OffThe former Karate Kid attempts to disgrace himself.
  14. trailer mix
    Jackie Chan Tells Next Karate Kid to ‘Jacket Off’Did Blink-182 write the script?
  15. the industry
    Jaden Smith to Strike a Crane PosePlus: America Ferrera bows to popular demand, will star in an Iraq-war drama.