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  1. family planning
    TLC Cancels Kate Plus 8And subtracts Kate Gosselin from its lineup.
  2. clickables
    See Kate Gosselin and Kids Go Camping With Sarah Palin(Sorry.)
  3. dancing with the stars
    Kate Gosselin is Back on DWTS — With a Crane!Kate’s back! And exactly the same!
  4. that’s infotainment!
    ‘Babble On’: Mickey Rourke, Kate Gosselin’s ‘Mom-Ba,’ and Some Icky Details on Mrs. Larry King’s LovemakingAnother loud and overstated week in infotainment.
  5. dancing with the stars
    Without Kate Gosselin, DWTS Loses Its RhythmWait, we have to watch actual dancing? This isn’t what we signed up for.
  6. dancing with the stars
    Kate Gosselin Kicked Off Dancing With the StarsWhy, oh, why?
  7. dancing with the stars
    DWTS Is Making Kate Gosselin Very, Very TiredIt’s the kids’ fault.
  8. quote machine
    Comic Books, to Nicolas Cage, Are the Jungian Archetypes for the Modern AgePlus: Meatloaf on his debilitating prudishness.
  9. Kate Gosselin Announces Televised Family-Ruining TourShe’s getting a new show.
  10. that’s infotainment!
    ‘Babble On’: A Paparazzi Spectacular With Sandra, Lindsay, and Kate Gosselin!Plus, Mary Hart does her party-trick seal impression!
  11. dancing with the stars
    Kate Gosselin Fights Back!…With Terrible DancingHer anti-paparazzi dance was not good. Not good at all.
  12. quote machine
    Nicolas Cage’s Bad Lieutenant Performance All Miles Davis’s FaultPlus: Don’t ask Ricky Gervais about salads.
  13. reality tv
    Kate Gosselin to Do Interpretive Dance About Her Divorce on Next Week’s Dancing With the StarsHer partner Tony will probably wear Ed Hardy.
  14. harsh reality
    Kate Gosselin Says No to Likability on DWTSBut she’s always been a diva, so what’s the big deal?
  15. dancing with the stars
    Gosselin, Doherty, Lysacek to Dance With the Stars’Bachelor’ Jake will also hit the dance floor.
  16. dancing with the stars
    Dancing with the Stars Cast RumorsPam Anderson but not Paula Abdul? Bummer.