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Kate Nash

  1. takin’ what’s mine
    Kate Nash Goes After Snapchat for Using Her Music Without Her Permission“So uhh SHOW ME THE MONEY MATE 💰?!????????”
  2. protests
    Kate Nash Rallies Musicians for DAPL Open LetterIt’s addressed to President Obama, the Department of Justice, and the Army Corps of Engineers.
  3. buffy the vampire slayer
    Kate Nash Performed the Buffy MusicalJoss Whedon, meet your new muse.
  4. music
    Kate Nash Wears a Pretty Bodysuit in Her ‘Kiss That Grrrl’ VideoLovely song.
  5. quote machine
    Not Even Babies Safe From New Jennifer Lopez AlbumPlus: Sulu gets sexy.
  6. music
    See Teenage Band SUPERCUTE!’s New Music Video, ‘Not to Write About Boys’SUPERCUTE! is super cute, duh.
  7. music
    Hear Kate Nash’s New Song, ‘Do Wah Do’Kate takes a page from sixties girl groups.
  8. last night’s gig
    Kate Nash Denied Adult Beverage at Cribs ShowNash is 20 and accustomed to U.K. booze laws. Bouncers mistook her for an underage groupie, confiscating her drink and scoffing at repeated cries of “But I’m with the band!”
  9. right-click
    A Seven-Nation Army Could Probably Hold Kate Nash BackPlus: Goldfrapp!
  10. last night’s gig
    Kate Nash, Who Is Not Lily Allen, Performs LiveSeriously: Not Lily Allen.
  11. right-click
    At Long Last, André 3000 Is Rapping AgainPlus: New songs by Girls Aloud and Kate Nash!
  12. right-click
    Jay-Z Pleads IgnorancePlus, new songs by Kate Nash and the Hold Steady!
  13. right-click
    Rick Ross and R. Kelly Can’t Drive 55Plus: MySpace sensation covered by other MySpace sensation!
  14. right-click
    Brazilian Girls Outdo the Heads!Yep, another Kanye West song.
  15. right-click
    Madonna and Pharrell Turn the Clock Back to 2005Kate Nash, Diplo, and more!