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Katherine Waterston

  1. movie review
    State Like Sleep Starts Strong, But the Payoff Is Criminally UnsatisfyingIt’s good enough to make you wish it were better, less slack, more resolved.
  2. teasers
    The Whole Gang’s Unaware of Impending Doom in an Alien: Covenant ‘Prologue’Alien: Covenant premieres May 19.
  3. fantastic beasts and where to find them
    Even Cast Surprised by 5 Fantastic Beasts MoviesRedmayne and Waterston discuss the news that there will be five Fantastic Beasts movies, instead of the expected three.
  4. casting couch
    Hilary Swank Joins Soderbergh’s Logan LuckyKatherine Waterston is also in talks for a role.
  5. casting couch
    Jussie Smollett and Carmen Ejogo Join CovenantThe two will play unnamed roles in the Prometheus semi-sequel.
  6. covenant
    Katherine Waterston to Star in Alien: CovenantHer character’s name is Daniels.
  7. castings
    Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Finalizes Its CastThe movie started filming this week.
  8. castings
    Katherine Waterston Takes a Lead Role in Universal’s Steve Jobs FilmShe’ll play Jobs’s first longtime girlfriend and partner, Chrisann Brennan.