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  1. witch way to broadway?
    Hocus Pocus Musical Could Run Amok, Amok, Amok on BroadwayWhich millennial theater kid got ahold of a spell book?
  2. trailer mix
    Come, Little Millennials, the Hocus Pocus 2 Teaser Will Take Thee AwaySomething something virgins, something something black-flame candle.
  3. role call
    Kathy Najimy Answers Every Question We Have About Sister ActOn how Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart inspired the character’s relentless pep and sneaking backstage in a bunny costume to meet Bette Midler.
  4. witchy women
    Amok, Amok, Hocus Pocus 2 Manifests Into ExistenceOur full trio of witches will be joined by Drag Race star Ginger Minj.
  5. hi
    Well Jingle Our Bells, Netflix Is Making a Holiday Movie With Jennifer CoolidgeSingle All the Way will also co-star Kathy Najimy.
  6. reunions
    Bette Midler Posts Shriek Peek of Sanderson Sisters’ Virtual Hocus Pocus ReunionOkay, which one of you virgins lit the candle again?
  7. Kathy Najimy’s 10 Favorite BooksIncluding Lena Dunham, Gloria Steinem, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and more.
  8. Sketch Anatomy: Emily Altman Breaks Down ‘Inside Amy Schumer’s ‘Mom […]Welcome to our column Sketch Anatomy, where we ask some of our favorite television writers to choose any sketch – one they personally wrote or […]