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  1. good one podcast
    In Comedy and Sex, Katt Williams’s Customer Is Always Right“Who doesn’t want to leave the audience dancing on their way out?”
  2. good takes
    ‘Cancel Culture’ Discourse Never Ends But at Least Katt Williams Has a Good Take“I don’t know what people we think got ‘canceled’ that we wish we had back.”
  3. stand-up
    Katt Williams Tackles Our ‘Clown’ President in New Supreme Ad“I kept most of the jokes in quarantine, in case you were looking for some laughs.”
  4. best of 2018
    The 10 Best Stand-up Specials of 2018Rounding up our favorite hour-long stand-up specials of the year.
  5. where’s the beef?
    Kevin Hart Defends Tiffany Haddish Against Katt Williams“I have time to fact-check everything he said, because the world of Katt Williams is a fictional world.”
  6. best of 2018
    The Best Stand-up Specials of 2018 (So Far)John Mulaney, Cameron Esposito, Chris Rock, Ali Wong, and more.
  7. underrated
    Neal Brennan on the Genius of Katt Williams’s Great America Opener“It’s like comedic malpractice. It shouldn’t work. But yet at the end of that 12-minute opener, I feel good. I’m in the palm of his hand.”
  8. Katt Williams Wants to Start a Conversation Katt Williams views his live show as a conversation between himself and a room full of his friends, friends he’s made by touring the […]
  9. 10 Comedians Who Borrowed Jokes Without Making Headlines Stan Laurel once said, “All comedians steal from all comedians.” If you waste enough time looking into it, you might be surprised to learn […]
  10. ‘SNL’ Review: Lena Dunham, Guest Stars, and Lots of ImpressionsThis time last year, Megh Wright and I compiled a list of 10 first-time SNL hosts we’d like to see someday. The list included Stephen Colbert […]
  11. Never Mind, Katt Williams Isn’t Retiring Four days after telling a Seattle TV station, “I’m just gonna go ahead and announce my retirement from stand-up, I’m kinda done,” Katt […]
  12. katt williams
    Watch Katt Williams’s Retirement From Stand-UpForever forever?
  13. Katt Williams Is ‘Kinda Done’ with Stand-Up“I’m just gonna go ahead and announce my retirement from stand-up, I’m kinda done.” - Katt Williams kinda retiring from stand-up in an […]