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Keifer Sutherland

  1. reboots
    Kiefer Sutherland Back for Flatliners RebootHe’ll play a “seasoned doctor.”
  2. trailer park
    Pompeii Trailer: Eruptions of the HeartIt’s like Armageddon, but in 79 A.D.
  3. ratings
    Will Solid Ratings for Touch Doom Terra Nova?We’ll know soon.
  4. the vulture transcript
    That Championship Season’s Outspoken Jason Patric Has Quite a Few Things to Say About Hollywood, Few of Them Nice“I’m not [dark and bitter], if I was it would be hidden like all the other guys are hiding it, trying to fucking step on each other’s heads.”
  5. party lines
    Sutherland, Prinze, and Turner at 24 Premiere“As far as I’m concerned, Jack Bauer is the James Bond of America,” says ‘24’ director Brad Turner.
  6. quote machine
    Twilight Star’s Plan to Dress Like Homeless Person Foiled by FanPlus: Even Jemaine Clement has feelings.
  7. trailer mix
    The Trailer for Season Eight of 24 Arrives With a BangJack Bauer will blow things up.
  8. jack bauer
    Report: Jack Bauer Head-Butts Terrorist Fashion DesignerAccording to a report from an after-party following last night’s Met Ball, ‘24’ star Kiefer Sutherland allegedly head-butted Jack McCollough hard enough to break his nose.
  9. quote machine
    Kiefer Sutherland Not Sure the World Is Yet Ready For a Movie That Tackles an Entire Day’s Events All at OncePlus: Jack Black on his Method acting.
  10. the early-evening news
    Whenever There Is Trouble, G.I. Clooney Is TherePlus news on Samantha Who?, Jack Bauer, and the U.S. version of Spaced.