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  1. vulture movie club
    Bend It Like Beckham Wants You to Be Your Bravest SelfWhat Bend It Like Beckham articulated so well is that the adolescent desire to prove oneself has no borders or boundaries.
  2. transatlanticism
    Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon Were Banned From Doing Boston AccentsThe director of Boston Strangler put his stars on a gag order.
  3. trailer mix
    Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon Take on the Boston StranglerThe untold story of the reporters who solved the case comes to Hulu.
  4. friday night movie club
    Pride & Prejudice Is a Subtly Horny Balm for Our TimeThis week’s Friday Night Movie Club pick celebrates the small things when it comes to courtship, such as holding hands and brushing past one another.
  5. the male gaze
    Keira Knightley Will No Longer Do Sex Scenes With Male Directors“I’d just rather not stand in front of a group of men naked.”
  6. celebrity
    Johnny Depp Was Allegedly ‘Romantic’ With Angelina Jolie, Marion CotillardAnd they could be dragged into his American defamation case against Amber Heard.
  7. covid-19
    Keira Knightley Exits Apple’s The Essex Serpent Over COVID-19 Child-Care IssuesThe actress pulled out due to “family reasons” related to the show’s mid-pandemic shoot.
  8. hunter’s line readings
    This One Pirates of the Caribbean Line Plays on a Loop in My HeadWe’re not one nation under God, we’re one nation under this Geoffrey Rush quote.
  9. movie review
    Official Secrets Is a Low-key, Paranoid Procedural Drama Done WellPasty white men debate whether a Bush-era whistle-blower, Katharine Gun (Keira Knightley), is a hero or a traitor.
  10. movie review
    Not Even Keira Knightley Can Save the Emotionally Constipated The AftermathWhich is a shame, because these old-fashioned romantic dramas are dying out on the big screen.
  11. party report
    Keira Knightley Agrees the Atonement Bookshelf Sex Scene Was Her Best EverIt’s all about choreography.
  12. i’m serious
    Give Keira Knightley an Oscar Nomination for Her Deranged Sugar Plum FairyI’m not kidding!
  13. movie review
    Keira Knightley Brings Spirit to the Politely Sexy ColetteIn her collaboration with director Wash Westmoreland, Knightley plays a gifted French novelist whose husband publicly takes credit for her work.
  14. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Trailer: When Mother Ginger AttacksAlso, Keira Knightley doing a voice.
  15. trailer mix
    Colette Trailer: Keira Knightley Returns to Her True Passion, Old-Timey ScandalsA French costume drama, with British accents.
  16. roll clip!
    The Gang’s All Back Together in Love Actually’s Movie ReunionHugh dancing! Colin wearing a turtleneck! Laura finally getting a hot man!
  17. foresight is 20/20
    The Fate of a Character Missing From the Love Actually Sequel Isn’t So CharmingImprobably good luck can’t last.
  18. squee!
    A Love Actually Short Film Reunion Is Coming Our Way[Extended Pointer Sisters dance sequence in celebration.]
  19. casting couch
    Keira Knightley in Talks for The Aftermath It’s about time she did another period piece.
  20. the industry
    Keira Knightley Joins Live-Action NutcrackerShe’ll play the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.
  21. apologies
    John Carney Apologizes for Knightley Comments“In trying to pick holes in my own work, I ended up blaming someone else.”
  22. shady as an oak tree
    Directors Voice Support for Keira KnightleyIn light of John Carney’s comments.
  23. casting couch
    Keira Knightley Is in Talks to Be Barbra Streisand’s Catherine the GreatKeira gets back to those corsets.
  24. theater
    Theater Review: Keira Knightley Glows From Within in Thérèse RaquinCompelling and articulate, in a problematic play.
  25. portrait
    Judith Light Is Taking Cues From Keira KnightleyThe actresses star in an adaptation of Zola’s dark romantic novel Thérèse Raquin.
  26. awards season
    Watch Every Famous British Person Reenact the Best American Movie ScenesCumberbatch, Redmayne, Hiddleston, and more.
  27. exclusive
    Exclusive Clip: Cumberbatch in Imitation GameThe Imitation Game is out November 28.
  28. last night on late night
    Even Keira Knightley Is Frightened of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Fans“I feel terrified saying they’re terrifying.”
  29. movie review
    Movie Revew: LaggiesDirected by Your Sister’s Sister’s Lynn Shelton.
  30. chat room
    Keira Knightley on Laggies and Imitation Game“I wouldn’t revert to high school ever.”
  31. movies
    Watch Keira Knightley and Ellie Kemper Have a CockfightIn the new movie Laggies.
  32. trailer mix
    Laggies Trailer: Keira Knightley Won’t Grow UpAlongside Sam Rockwell and Chloë Grace Moretz.
  33. movie review
    Movie Review: Begin AgainBy the writer-director of Once.
  34. gifs of doom
    Keira Knightley Dying in Movies: A GIF GuideShe gives good death face.
  35. actors who sing
    Would You Like to Hear How Well Keira Knightley Can Sing?Check out this lyric video for “Lost Stars,” the big song from her new musical Begin Again.
  36. in development
    Keira Knightley to Star in The Other TypistAnother twenties drama for Keira.
  37. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: What Makes Zachary Quinto Exude Serial Killer?Plus: Stephen Colbert has beef with Sir Ian McKellen, GayLord of the Rings, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  38. week in vulture
    Ten Pop Culture Questions Vulture Answered This WeekBut seriously, what kind of suit does James Bond wear?
  39. movie review
    Edelstein on Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina: A Boldly Original MiscalculationA tour de force in the wrong direction.
  40. last night on late night
    Jason Sudeikis: The ‘Human Side’ of Mitt RomneyPlus: Jimmy Kimmel revealed the true spawn of Twilight’s Edward and Bella in a spoof trailer, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  41. face-offs
    Claire Danes vs. Keira Knightley: Who Is The Better Chin Actress?In honor of this generation’s most expressive mandibles.
  42. casting couch
    Keira Knightley in Talks for Jack RyanAs the missus.
  43. musical casting chairs
    Paramount Eyeing Its Jack Ryan Lead ActressesFor the Kenneth Branagh–helmed reboot.
  44. real talk
    Why Keira Knightley Went Indie“I became aware of how much I was complaining about [fame].”
  45. david edelstein
    Movie Review: A Too-Nice Carell Undercuts Seeking a Friend…And as a result, we found it hard to surrender to this gentle, wistful film.
  46. trailer mix
    Anna Karenina Trailer: Keira Knightley’s Russian Razzle-DazzleCostumes! Glamour!
  47. tropes
    Sad-Sack Comedians + Manic Pixie Dream Girls: A Rom-com TemplateThe new movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World hits some familiar beats.
  48. casting
    Adam Levine to Dump Keira Knightley in SongHe’ll act opposite her in a new movie.
  49. casting
    Keira Knightley in Talks for Nicholas Sparks MovieShe’d play the lead in Safe Haven.
  50. Seeking a Friend Trailer: The Last Days of Steve Carell and Keira Knightley It’s a whimsical apocalypse comedy!
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