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Keith Morrison

  1. tv review
    Renée Zellweger Makes The Thing About Pam InexplicableWhatever it is this miniseries is trying to accomplish via its fictionalized extension of existing true-crime IP, Zellweger is a distraction.
  2. true crime podcasts
    Dateline’s Keith Morrison Is Getting Used to Podcast StardomThe veteran host takes us through his career in true crime.
  3. true crime podcasts
    The Week in True-Crime Podcasts: Dateline, Jeffrey Epstein, and MorePlus: The case of Fred and Rosemary West.
  4. podcasts
    Dateline’s Keith Morrison Is Hosting a True-Crime PodcastThe Thing About Pam investigates the twists and turns behind a pair of brutal Missouri murders.
  5. starstruck
    Watch Dateline’s Keith Morrison Surprise His No. 1 Fan, Bill Hader“This is the coolest thing of all time.”