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Ken Leung

  1. industry baby
    Are You Ready for the Industry Revolution?Kit Harington joins as the CEO of a “green tech” company, but don’t bet on ethics.
  2. spoilers
    Industry’s Ken Leung on Eric’s Moment of Decision“Even though you don’t see me make that choice, you see how I feel about it. From that you can intuit the making of the choice.”
  3. chat room
    Industry’s Ken Leung Thinks ‘Anything Is Possible’ for Eric After That Finale“He’s a smart guy. How does he negotiate having survived this close call?”
  4. inhumans
    Ken Leung Cast As the Heroic Karnak in Marvel’s InhumansThe Lost alum will be a royal courtier with the ability to find flaws in all things.
  5. Trade Roundup: Sarah Silverman Pilot, The Smart One, Friday Night DinnerSarah Silverman’s pilot has added Tig Notaro and Lost’s Ken Leung to its already stellar cast. I know, I thought that said Ken Jeong at first […]
  6. casting couch
    Lost Alum Joins Sarah Silverman SitcomKen Leung, AKA Miles Straume, is onboard.