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  1. tv review
    Netflix’s Bobby Kennedy for President Will Break Your HeartIf you didn’t live through the ‘60s, this docuseries captures what it was like to witness the rise and fall of RFK.
  2. Chappaquiddick Is a Rigorous Historical and Moral DramaJason Clarke’s Ted Kennedy is a man facing his darkest hour — and failing in endlessly fascinating ways.
  3. The Kennedys Are Not Going to Like The Gripping New ChappaquiddickBut audiences probably will — and maybe the GOP.
  4. dream casting
    Let’s Cast the All-Star Kennedy FamilyWho was the best Jackie Kennedy? The best JFK Jr.? Vulture has rounded up a megacast of Kennedys, Camelot’s all-stars.
  5. casting couch
    Katie Holmes To Play Jackie OHistory Channel casts Katie in upcoming miniseries.