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  1. good one podcast
    Kevin Smith’s Characters Can’t Stop Talking About Star Wars“If you are making a Clerks movie, there has to be a Star Wars something.”
  2. last night on late night
    Kevin Smith, Chaos Agent, Forces Seth Meyers to Do a Bit Instead of an InterviewA rendition “The 12 Days of Impressions Camp.”
  3. bennifer
    Jay and Silent Bob Report From the Bennifer WeddingThey just love love.
  4. vulture investigates
    Did J.Lo Wear a Wedding Dress From an Old Bennifer Movie?Could it be from the Jersey Girl cutting-room floor?
  5. trailer mix
    Please Tell Me Whyyy There’s a Clerks III Trailer“A sequel? What am I, a hack?”
  6. threequels
    Clerks III, Having Outlived the Concept of Video Rentals, Is HappeningThe View Askewniverse persists.
  7. future nostalgia
    Kevin Smith Wants to Remind Everyone He Coined ‘Bennifer’ the First Time AroundDo the children know about Jersey Girl?
  8. movie playlist
    Kevin Smith Gives Us a Movie Playlist (and Some Tears)You try mentioning Cinema Paradiso without getting emotional.
  9. reunions
    My Chemical Romance Welcomes L.A. to the Black Parade at Reunion ShowThe band played their first show in seven years.
  10. the industry
    By the Power of Grayskull, Kevin Smith Brings He-Man Anime Series to NetflixThe Jay and Silent Bob Reboot director will showrun Masters of the Universe: Revelation.
  11. trailer mix
    The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Trailer Is Truly Star-StuddedIt has Matt Damon and a Chris Hemsworth hologram!
  12. sequels
    A Jay and Silent Bob Movie Is on the Way, According to Kevin SmithTitled Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.
  13. make it happen
    Peter Jackson Has Some Casting Requests for Kevin Smith and The Walking DeadLet’s make this happen.
  14. music
    Drake Throws a Degrassi Reunion in ‘I’m Upset’ VideoHe’s still upset, but he has friends and it’s nice.
  15. Kevin Smith Standup Special Headed to Showtime Kevin Smith nearly died of a heart attack in late February, just after finishing the first night of taping a new standup special, Kevin […]
  16. hospitalizations
    Kevin Smith Shares a Video Update From the Hospital After Heart AttackSmith describes his massive heart attack in detail and thanks people for their support.
  17. hospitalizations
    Kevin Smith Survives ‘Massive’ Heart Attack“For now, I’m still above ground!”
  18. Kevin Smith to Donate Residuals From Weinstein-Backed Movies to Women in FilmHarvey Weinstein’s companies produced half of Kevin Smith’s filmography.
  19. profile
    How Kevin Smith Makes Big Business Out of Niche AudiencesAfter years in critical exile, the onetime poster boy for slacker filmmaking reinvents himself for an era of narrowcast fame.
  20. An Excerpt from ‘The Best American Emails,’ by Amanda MeadowsYou’re Invited to a Screening of ~HOCKEY JERKS~ To: amandasjunkmail@ymail.com From: thescreenery@screenery.film Subject: You’re Invited to a […]
  21. reboots that aren’t
    Kevin Smith Making Jay & Silent Bob Sequel for Those Unsated by Degrassi CameosIgnore those Clerks III and Mallrats II false starts, okay?
  22. irreconcilable differences
    Kevin Smith Drops Buckaroo Banzai Amazon SeriesSmith dropped out because of a copyright lawsuit.
  23. new york comic con 2016
    34 Photos of Your Favorite Stars Backstage at New York Comic Con 2016With Peter Capaldi, Andy Serkis, Kevin Smith, and many more. 
  24. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Kevin Smith’s Yoga HosersCute convenience-store uniforms!
  25. reboots
    Kevin Smith Is Working on a Buckaroo Banzai Reboot TV ShowIt’s a beloved-but-obscure cult hit, but it might be getting a high-profile reboot if Kevin Smith has his way.
  26. sequential art
    How Ta-Nehisi Coates, Kevin Smith, and Other Celebs Learned to Write Comic BooksIt can be terrifying.
  27. AMC Making Show With Kevin Smith & Greg GrunbergTentatively called Geeking Out
  28. the industry
    Kevin Smith Will Direct an Episode of The FlashSet to air in May.
  29. good tippers
    Kevin Smith Tips Obscenely WellThe verdict is in: Kevin Smith’s a chill dude.
  30. movies
    Quentin Tarantino on Working in a Video StoreHe tried to steer middle-aged patrons to films he liked, while Kevin Smith notes a lot of them were more interested in the porn room.
  31. vulture festival 2015
    Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes at Vulture FestivalThey discuss parenting, Courtney Love, and how Mad Max is like a good then bad blow job.
  32. Kevin Smith Confirms ‘Mallrats 2’ Is in the WorksA sequel to Kevin Smith’s 1995 film Mallrats is in the works. Smith confirmed the news during a radio show over the weekend and said that the […]
  33. overdue sequels
    Kevin Smith Confirmed Your Mallrats Sequel HopesWhat a guy!
  34. sexpositions
    Kevin Smith on How He Avoided an NC-17 Sex SceneWhen one thrust is a thrust too many. 
  35. Scott and Reggie Consult with Comic Book Expert Kevin Smith on ‘Comedy […]Ahead of this Friday’s new episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, IFC released the above sneak peek featuring Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts showing […]
  36. movies
    This Is What Kevin Smith Looks Like Without His BeardHe looks like a brand-new person!
  37. haterology
    Kevin Smith’s Cute Instagram Photo Draws Vile Comments“Fat guy, bet I can still make him cry.”
  38. new york comic con 2014
    Kevin Smith on Weed, Affleck’s Penis, and Tusk And sugar. 
  39. movie review
    Movie Review: TuskIt’s Kevin Smith’s most personal film.
  40. trailer mix
    The Trailer for Kevin Smith’s Tusk Is Kind of TerrifyingNot just because of Justin Long’s mustache.
  41. Kevin Smith Says that ‘Clerks III’ Is Still Happening Despite Some […]Kevin Smith has been working on a possible Clerks III since 2012, when he said he planned on it to be his final movie as a director. While a […]
  42. Applying the Auteur Theory to Kevin SmithIn the early ‘90s American Indie boom, auteurs like Quentin Tarantino and Steven Soderbergh emerged into the zeitgeist with personal, […]
  43. vulture essays
    That One Time I Saw Clerks With My DadIn related news: Kevin Smith’s vulgar, talky debut turns twenty today.
  44. rapturing giant jesus films
    Kevin Smith Writes New Rapture MovieA Dogma for the next generation.
  45. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Jean Claude Van Damme on the ArScheerio Paul […] It’s Wednesday, ya’ll, and that means you’re in for a web video treat! Actually, it means you’re in for a bunch of them, assuming you haven’t […]
  46. Kevin Smith Started Writing ‘Clerks III,’ Already Calling It ‘The Best […]“20 years ago today, we started shooting CLERKS. 20 years later, with no plan or provocation, I jumped out of bed at 4:20 this morning and […]
  47. sequels
    Kevin Smith Considering Making Clerks III a BookNooch?
  48. Kevin Smith Is Planning for His Last Movie to Be ‘Clerks III’Writer/director Kevin Smith announced that he’d be retiring last year after he made one last movie. That movie was supposed to be the hockey […]
  49. swan songs
    Kevin Smith’s Last Film Might Now Be Clerks IIIHit Somebody to become a miniseries. 
  50. star wars episode 7
    What If Woody Allen Directed Star Wars VII?It would be quirky!
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