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  1. underrated
    Can a Boneless-Chicken Commercial Be Art?Late Night writer Ben Warheit shares his love for “I Ate the Bones.”
  2. rebecca is a food critic now
    KFC’s Jack Harlow Meal Is Finger-Lickin’ Mid“Turn my haters to consumers”? Honey, you’ve got it the wrong way ’round.
  3. trailer mix of herbs and spices
    Mario Lopez Is Horny Colonel Sanders in This Lifetime x KFC Original Movie“The secret’s out, chicken man.”
  4. extra crispy
    Rob Lowe’s Colonel Sanders Is an Homage to…Colonel Sanders (and Lowe’s Grandpa)It’s like a spicy-chicken sandwich of Inception.
  5. Fred Armisen Wrote Jingles for KFC’s Hot ChickenFinger lickin’ weird.
  6. truth in advertising
    Pete Campbell Is Your New Colonel SandersJim Gaffigan’s natural successor.
  7. Darrell Hammond Isn’t Happy About Getting Replaced in KFC’s Colonel […]By now you’ve probably seen KFC’s ad campaign starring Darrell Hammond, Norm Macdonald, and most recently Jim Gaffigan playing Colonel Sanders, […]
  8. chick-fil-a
    See John Goodman As a Gay-Friendly Colonel Sanders“No genders, no beaks, no butt holes!”
  9. KFC Is Happy to Corner the Gay Chicken Market 1. John Goodman is the best. 2. Who else really wants some fried chicken with a side of gravy right now? 3. John Goodman is the best. […]
  10. clickables
    Watch Peter Serafinowicz’s Chilling KFC CommercialJust keep cutting.
  11. secret recipe
    How Community Did Product Placement (and KFC) Right’Community’ sells out, without selling its soul.