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Kidding Season 1

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    Kidding Finale Recap: I Am ListeningAs Kidding wraps its first season, Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time is done for the foreseeable future, but most of the series’ tumult is still in play.
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    Kidding Recap: It’s Teaching Me How to SpreadsheetJeff visits death row in an episode dominated by a curious and seemingly ill-considered flashback.
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    Kidding Recap: Veiled Marxism And Songs About GenocideJeff travels to LA for Vivian’s sake, then discovers their relationship has reached a crossroads.
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    Kidding Recap: A Former Lovetenant in the Pickles PlatoonMr. Pickles’s time with Tara Lipinski takes an unpleasant turn.
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    Kidding Recap: I’m a Man of God, But I’m Also FunnyA strange flashback sequence highlights an episode in which Jeff meets Tara Lipinski.
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    Kidding Recap: Welcome to the World of Exciting Internal ConflictJeff doesn’t understand why he’s not getting a text he expected in an episode that also introduces a horrifying puppet.
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    Kidding Recap: You’re My Crack Problem, and I Love YouMr. Pickles goes on a date, but his on-set troubles remain — as does his fixation on his ex-wife.
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    Kidding Recap: A Season About Things That Are MissingMr. Pickles continues to unravel both on the job and away from it.
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    Kidding Premiere Recap: Don’t Say Friends When You Mean ViewersIn a new series, Jim Carrey plays a children’s show struggling with a loss that might be driving him insane.