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Kim Kardashian Hollywood

  1. the other royal family
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Also Leave Kim Kardashian: HollywoodThe weekly event featured the ginger “Prince Aston” and his Hollywood-actress wife “Bianca Barnes.”
  2. money
    Kim Kardashian Game Won’t Make As Much Money As ProjectedKim still gets 45 percent; she’ll be okay. 
  3. the price of fame
    Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Price of Fame’ Game Is Not GoodYou can buy her electronic bracelet, however. 
  4. last night on late night
    Kim Kardashian’s Smartphone Game Inspired Stephen ColbertHe made his own!
  5. lowbrow genius
    Why the Kim Kardashian Game Is Legitimately GoodAnd why your friends won’t shut up about it.
  6. kim kardashian hollywood
    Kim Kardashian’s Many Skills, Explained by Kanye West“In order to win at life, you need some Kim K skills, period.”
  7. kim kardashian hollywood
    That Kim Kardashian Game Is Set to Make $200 MillionThis is our fault. We did this.