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King Of The Hill

  1. pocket sand
    Johnny Hardwick, Dale From King of the Hill, Dead at 64The Texan stand-up comic was also a writer and producer on the series.
  2. vulture lists
    Are You There God? It’s Margarets, RankedWe rounded up all the Margarets (and Maggies, Megs, and Peggys).
  3. 2 king 2 hill
    Travel Back to Arlen in a New King of the Hill RebootHulu announced a revival of the beloved series on January 31.
  4. tv review
    Bless the Harts Shakes Up Animation DominationThe promising new series from Emily Spivey is suggestive of what Fox’s Sunday night animation block has been, and what it could be in the future.
  5. comedy
    Mike Judge on Loving Funk Music and Reviving King of the Hill“We’ve been talking about it over the last year, and I think we might have a way to do it.”
  6. animated series
    King of the Hill and Propane Accessories Now Available on HuluPlus Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, and more.
  7. in memoriam
    In Praise of Tom Petty’s Weird-As-Hell Acting CareerFrom The Postman to King of the Hill, Petty seemed to take whichever role tickled his fancy at the time.
  8. Tom Petty’s Best Onscreen Cameos“I’ve heard of you, man. You’re famous.”
  9. Fox Is in “Preliminary Conversations” to Revive ‘King of the Hill’Greg Daniels and Mike Judge’s animated series King of the Hill might be making a comeback at Fox. According to TVLine, the network has had […]
  10. How ‘King of the Hill’s ‘Meet the Propaniacs’ Accidentally Predicted Meme […]A recurring theme throughout King of the Hill’s run is that Hank and Bobby had little in common. The show made it clear that the pair loved […]
  11. How ‘King of the Hill’ Led Directly to ‘Bob’s Burgers’ When Bob’s Burgers premiered in 2011, one couldn’t help but wonder if the show would have anything in common with King Of The Hill. After […]
  12. Watch Peggy Hill Sing Nicki Minaj’s ‘Hey Mama’Our latest Vulture Remix.
  13. None of the Best Comedies on TV Would Exist Without ‘King of the Hill’‘King of the Hill’ helped shaped the next breed of writers that you see composing the sharpest comedies on TV right now.
  14. Wyatt Cenac: Standup, Writer, Puppet AficionadoWyatt Cenac is best known as being a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, as well as writing for King of The Hill. He’s also been […]
  15. Mike Judge Says ‘Office Space’ Made TGI Fridays Get Rid of Their ‘Flair’“About four years after Office Space came out, TGI Fridays got rid of all that (button) flair, because people would come in and make cracks […]
  16. influences
    Mike Judge Explains His Cultural InfluencesThe movies, TV shows, musicians, and cartoonists that inspired him.
  17. Talking to Wyatt Cenac About ‘The Daily Show’, Writing for ‘King of the […]Since leaving The Daily Show at the end of last year, comedian Wyatt Cenac has been keeping busy with a variety of new projects. He’s been […]
  18. exclusive
    A Diet Coke–Based Series May Be In the Works From Two King of the Hill AlumsSays an insider, “This is definitely not an ad. For now it’s just … content?”
  19. That’ll Learn You: In Defense of Country Comedy“But we’ll all be equal under the grass, And God’s got a heaven for country trash.” –Johnny Cash For the most part, sketch, improv and […]
  20. cancellations
    ‘King of the Hill’ AxedAfter thirteen seasons Fox has decided not to renew ‘King of the Hill.’