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  1. by order of the king
    ‘I Still Don’t Know What It Was’An oral history of Kings, the ambitious, expensive, and admittedly weird drama on which NBC bet its prestige-TV future and lost.
  2. vulture lists
    Kings, RankedThere are a lot of kings out there these days, and some of them are even good.
  3. Theater Review: Kings Falls Into the Relevance TrapWhen timeliness subverts timelessness.
  4. What the Hell Is Daniel Craig Doing in This L.A. Riots Movie?What is this random British white dude doing in Kings?
  5. life after bond
    Bond or Not, Daniel Craig Is Setting Himself Up Nicely for the FutureIt’s no easy feat, but Craig seems to know what he’s doing.
  6. law & order magic edition
    ABC’s Newest Cop Drama Set in the Magical World of … New York?To be produced by ‘Heroes’ alum Michael Green.
  7. disasters
    Kings Relegated to Summer Death SlotIt couldn’t get worse ratings if it aired after Carson Daly.
  8. ben silverman
    Kings Canceled, Pretty MuchIt’s moving to Saturday nights!
  9. tanks
    NBC Invades Brooklyn Neighborhood With Tank’Please do not be alarmed as all these elements are props.’
  10. the industry
    Ian McShane About to Go BiblicalNBC options the story of King David from God, Nick has its own high-school musical, and Mos Def plays Chuck Berry.