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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

  1. Why Is Channing Tatum Barely in Kingsman: The Golden Circle?If you’ve got Channing Tatum, use him!
  2. The Weirdest Thing About the New Kingsman Is Its Constant Cutaways to Fox NewsIn 2017, it’s wild to see Fox News presented as an ideologically neutral source of information.
  3. backstories
    Kingsman: The Golden Circle Cut Down Its Trump Jokes Just in Case He WonDirector Matthew Vaughn worried America was too divided, and fragile, for the jokes.
  4. Kingsman: The Golden Circle Is Bloated, Campy, and Thoroughly StupidA sequel was de rigueur, of course, but what a mess it is.
  5. A Tribute to Julianne Moore’s Delicious New Kingsman VillainHave you ever wondered what would happen if Giada De Laurentiis broke bad?
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    Matthew Vaughn Gave the Kingsman 2 Actors Altitude SicknessThe director of the spy sequel reveals the hardest scenes to nail.
  7. Why Is John Denver’s Music in So Many Movies This Year?Free Fire, Alien: Covenant, Okja, Logan Lucky, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle all feature Denver’s voice.
  8. comic con 2017
    Watch Halle Berry Do Comic-Con the Right Way: By Pounding BourbonFox’s Kingsman panel featured enjoyably tipsy cast chemistry.
  9. The Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer Introduces Julianne Moore’s VillainThe next Kingsman installment premieres September 20.
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    Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer: Enter the Statesman, Who Is Channing TatumEnough action for both sides of the pond.