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  1. winter olympics 2018
    Gus Kenworthy Seals Olympics With Historic Televised Kiss With His BoyfriendAww!
  2. onstage kisses
    Drake and Rihanna Had a Do-Over of Their VMAs KissOnstage at the Summer Sixteen tour.
  3. J.Law Accidentally Kissed Natalie Dormer“We just kissed on camera … and I liked it.”
  4. toronto film festival
    Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult’s New Movie Will Make You Want to Make OutIf anyone else wins the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, we’ll be shocked.
  5. kisses
    Nicki Minaj Very Excited About Kissing MadonnaMaybe the Super Bowl halftime show won’t be so boring after all.
  6. last night on late night
    David Letterman Tells Jon Stewart How a Dine-and-Dash Unleashed Oprah’s Wrath Upon HimPlus, Christopher Meloni and Jimmy Fallon have a wet T-shirt contest, on our regular late-night roundup.
  7. music
    See Drake Reject a Girl’s Kiss OnstageEmbarrassing, yes, but people shouldn’t be kissing strangers.