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  1. labor
    Netflix Is Ghosting the Korean Actors UnionYou’ve heard of Netflix actors making cents in residuals. The streamer’s South Korean talent is making even less.
  2. buffering
    Squid Game Was Just the StartNetflix’s head of content in Korea takes us inside the service’s massive K-content strategy.
  3. choose your own dystopia
    Netflix Red-light, Green-lit a Squid Game Reality Competition SeriesThe allegory for the class system is feeling less and less allegorical.
  4. workplace drama
    Racing Against Rivals and Robots on the Translation Assembly LineRakuten Viki’s army of volunteers just want to subtitle some K-drama in peace.
  5. solidarity forever
    Squid Game Season Two Wants Us All to Just Get AlongSolidarity forever!
  6. k-drama 101
    The Joys of Korean TV: A Beginner’s Guide to the Best of K-dramaHow U.S. viewers can get in on the unparalleled emotional payoff offered by Korean drama and variety shows.