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  1. oops
    Damn, KRS-One Has No Idea Which Beastie Boys Member Is Dead“Like a late fog in the mist / I see King Ad-Rock / and rest in peace Nate Dogg / their names and their natures will last.”
  2. party lines
    KRS-One Invites Lawsuit From AC/DC“Well, I shouldn’t really say this, but on my first album I sampled their music. They never sued me, ever.”
  3. quote machine
    Jason Schwartzman Will Use Any Excuse to Gaze Deeply Into George Clooney’s EyesPlus: KRS-One starts a new religion.
  4. right-click
    KRS-One and Buckshot Have Officially Saved ‘Hip-hop’A great, gimmicky rap song about how gimmicky rap songs have become.
  5. the industry
    Mars Investigations Closed for Good?