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Lars Ulrich

  1. grammys 2017
    Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Is Pretty Chill About That Whole Grammys Technical SnafuGood guy.
  2. reasonable explanations
    Lars Ulrich on the Point of Metallica in 2016Lars Ulrich has a lot to say!
  3. party chat
    Metallica’s Lars Ulrich: We Should Be Done With Our New Album This Spring“Unless something drastic happens, it will come out this year.”
  4. cannes 2013
    Metallica’s Lars Ulrich on His First Cannes Trip“And it’s just like, uggggghh, I wanted to see Sofia Coppola’s film.”
  5. otolaryngology
    Lars Ulrich Would Like You to Speak UpMetallica’s 46-year-old drummer Lars Ulrich has gone public as a sufferer of tinnitus.
  6. quote machine
    Jay-Z Reports Back From Weirdest-Ever Coldplay ConcertAlso, Stephen Colbert: Dumb.
  7. piracy
    Lars Ulrich Unloads a BasquiatWe hope you’re proud of yourselves, music pirates.
  8. it’s all the internet’s fault
    Don’t Blame the Musicians — Blame the InternetIf it weren’t for the stupid Web, no one would complain about the new Metallica album.