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Las Vegas Residencies

  1. adele’s palace
    Adele’s Las Vegas Residency Is Actually, Finally HappeningWeekends With Adele are rescheduled for November.
  2. waking up in vegas
    Katy Perry’s Vegas Residency Seems Like the Complete ConfectionThere was singing poop, penis-mushroom dancers, and a Whitney Houston cover.
  3. respect the classics
    KISS Will Rock Vegas All Night With a ResidencyBecause “it’s a very nice payday.”
  4. live events
    Katy Perry Is Waking in Up Vegas With a New Residency, ‘Play’Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, and Luke Bryan are also moving into the new resort.
  5. live events lol
    Usher Optimistically Books a Las Vegas Residency for July 2021Who’s risking it for “Climax”?
  6. las vegas
    Lady Gaga Gives You a Sneak Peek of Her Las Vegas Residency EnigmaIt’s like you’re there! And an anime avatar!
  7. las vegas residencies
    Backstreet Boys on Why a Las Vegas Residency Isn’t the End“If you asked me 10 or 15 years ago, I would’ve said that’s where we’re going when we decide we’re gonna retire.”