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    Let New Girl Explain How to Talk About RaceStep one for white people: Listen.
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    So Who Killed Lila on How to Get Away With Murder?And then what happened?
  3. last night
    The Girls on Girls Would Not Still Be FriendsMarnie and Jessa? Come on.
  4. last night
    Stephen Hawking, Internet TrollOn last night’s Big Bang Theory.
  5. series finales
    Watch the Finale Montage From ParenthoodBe ready to cry!
  6. anxiety
    Last Night’s Girls Had the Quintessential Hannah MomentShe’s right about her classmates. But she’s wrong about saying it.
  7. last night
    Behold Leslie Knope’s Awful Version of ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’Well, someone started this fire.
  8. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Last Night’If you like inviting friends to Facebook fan pages you’ve created for yourself or your series and enjoy tweeting links to the latest episodes […]
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    Last Night Trailer: When Beautiful People Consider CheatingFor one night only.