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  1. movie theaters
    The Sad, Surreal Experience of Seeing an Audience Laugh at MoonlightWere we watching the same movie?
  2. Could You Get Paid to Laugh Infectiously?Laughter ringers are people with infectious laughs that live-audience sitcoms plant in the audience to get the rest of the crowd going, and […]
  3. laughter
    See Train Passengers in Germany Break Out Into an Unending Fit of LaughterLaughter is contagious, even in Germany.
  4. Laughing Leads to a Pain-Free Superhuman ExistenceOh, phew, more reasons to re-watch every episode of Louie instead of doing something terrible involving a StairMaster. A new study shows that […]
  5. laughter
    50 Cent Is Launching a Comedy Website TomorrowThisIs50Comedy.com is here.