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  1. crime
    Law & Order: SVU Actor Isaiah Stokes Charged With Murder After NYC ShootingThe actor, who appeared in series like Boardwalk Empire and Power, has been indicted in relation to a February shooting in Queens.
  2. dun dun
    Christopher Meloni Is Glad You Like His ‘Big Boy’ AssWe’re looking … respectfully.
  3. sexual tension
    20 Episodes of Law & Order: SVU That Define Benson and Stabler’s PartnershipRevisit one of the most compelling will-they, won’t-they relationships in the crime-procedural circuit.
  4. close reads
    What the Hell Is Happening With Masks on Network TV?This is what the middle ground of COVID-19 storytelling looks like, and it’s both unsatisfying and distracting.
  5. renewals
    Law & Order: SVU Has Been Renewed for a 19th Season, Edging It Close to a RecordOlivia Benson rides again.
  6. art imitating life imitating art
    Ice-T Spoils the Trump-Inspired SVU Episode’s Big Twist“I don’t even think it’s worth showing. It wasn’t one of our best shows.”
  7. true crime
    Law & Order: SVU to Air a Roger Ailes–Inspired Episode Inspiring an SVU episode about your life is the opposite of goals.  
  8. the tv industry
    Law & Order: SVU’s Donald Trump Episode Has Its Airdate Postponed Again[Dun dun.]
  9. casting couch
    Joe Biden to Guest on Law & Order: SVUIn an episode involving the backlog of untested rape kits.
  10. the industry
    NBC Proclaims Dick Wolf God-King of the Universe, Renews His Deal Through 2020He could have up to six shows on the air next year.
  11. first looks
    Here’s Your First Look at Hamilton Stars on Law & Order: SVUThe greatest city in the woooooooorld!
  12. the duggars
    Law & Order: SVU Is Doing a Duggars EpisodeIn their take, one of the 13-year-old daughters gets pregnant.
  13. myth-busting
    5 Major Tech Myths Perpetuated by TV and FilmWe’re looking at you, SVU.
  14. tv
    Law & Order: SVU Is Doing a Robert Durst Episode, Hot Mic and AllThus completing the Robert Durst–Law & Order trifecta.
  15. these are their stories
    This Christopher Meloni Meme Is Very GoodThese are their stories. 
  16. just taylor things
    Taylor Swift’s New Kitten Is Named Olivia BensonMeow.
  17. exclusive clip
    See Chris Meloni Pitch Oz Ideas for His Fox ShowFun with sodomy and sex crimes.
  18. exits
    Dann Florek Leaving SVU, TooGood-bye, Captain Cragen.
  19. SVU Will Combine Paula Deen, Trayvon Martin StoriesNewsy!
  20. vampires
    Chris Meloni on Trading His SVU Badge for True Blood FangsEveryone still wants to shake his hand.
  21. interactive maps
    Check Out a Law & Order Map of New York CityApparently, you should start avoiding Chelsea at all costs.
  22. life imitates law and order
    Rosie Perez Is Suing Law & Order Because of Back PainDun-dun-dun Dick Wolf!
  23. tv
    The One With All the Episode-Title FormulasLet’s survey all the titling themes used by current TV shows: There are movie puns, Sondheim lyrics, zazzy substitutions …