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  1. bowie
    Michael C. Hall Performs ‘Lazarus’The actor does a really good Bowie.
  2. david bowie
    David Bowie’s Final Recordings Will Be Released on Lazarus’s Cast AlbumThey include three versions of songs from his Lazarus musical.
  3. theater
    David Bowie’s Lazarus Is Headed to London, for Longer Than Just One DayMichael C. Hall will reprise his role as the man who fell to Earth.
  4. on scene
    Spending a Final Friday Night With David Bowie’s Fans at LazarusSaid one fan waiting in the cancellations line, “I want to experience what we still have [one more time].”
  5. last night on late night
    Michael C. Hall Performs David Bowie’s ‘Lazarus’On Colbert last night.
  6. theater
    Theater: Ivo Van Hove’s Thin White LazarusBowie falls to Earth.
  7. theater
    Inside Rehearsal for David Bowie’s New Alien MusicalHow he and director Ivo van Hove are bringing Lazarus to life.
  8. plays
    Bowie Bringing Man Who Fell to Earth to StageIt’s called Lazarus.