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  1. best of 2022
    The Best Theater of 2022We’ll never return to whatever normal was, but there’s been lots to root for amid the flux.
  2. trailer mix
    The Price of Glee Doc Has Lots of Glee References But No Glee StarsDon’t Gleek out yet.
  3. thanksgiving 2022
    Paula Abdul, Lea Michele, and More Celebrate ThanksgivingThe celebs want us to know how grateful they are.
  4. #thankful
    Don’t Rain on Lea Michele’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeHey, Mister Macy’s, here she is!
  5. divas live (recorded)
    Funny Girl Is Releasing a Lea Michele–Led Cast Album, Because Glee Wasn’t EnoughShe keeps winning, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
  6. gleeks rise up
    Which Glee Alums Are Going to See Funny Girl?Count Chris Colfer out.
  7. today on daytime
    Lea Michele Marched Her Band Out to Good Morning AmericaFor a new version of the song you’ve heard her sing before.
  8. theater review
    In Funny Girl, Lea Michele Does Exactly What You Thought She CouldThe shiny apple of our eye.
  9. glee-ality
    How Does Lea Michele’s Funny Girl Review Compare to Rachel Berry’s?Ryan Murphy, you can’t keep getting away with this.
  10. lea michele redemption arc
    Lea Michele Can Read (Herself on TikTok)An abrupt change in message from her comments to the Times.
  11. life imitates art
    Lea Michele Returns to Funny Girl Next WeekNo, she’s not auditioning for a pilot in Los Angeles.
  12. barbra’s babies
    Who’s the Greatest Star? A Timeline of Casting Funny Girl.Rachel Berry — excuse us — Lea Michele has landed on Broadway as Fanny Brice.
  13. opening night
    Standing O’s and Subtext at Lea Michele’s First Funny Girl PerformanceThe crowd seemed to exist on separate, colliding tectonic plates, one-half wanting to see redemption and the other tilting toward comeuppance.
  14. opening night
    Every Funny Girl Song Performed on Glee, RankedFrom the freckles on the nose of life’s complexion to the roses of sheer perfection.
  15. reading is fundamental
    Lea Michele Thinks the Whole ‘Can’t Read’ Thing Is Sexist“I think often, If I were a man, a lot of this wouldn’t be the case.”
  16. drama club
    Lea Michele Is the Funny Girl NowHere’s our first look at her as Fanny Brice, the role she’ll claim starting September 6.
  17. theater
    Beanie Feldstein Now Has Tonsillitis: ‘Ya Gotta Laugh’Further rain upon the parade.
  18. who’s the greatest star?
    What Are the Streets (Broadway and 52nd) Saying About Funny Girl?All the rumors are allegedly true!
  19. if someone takes a spill…
    Samantha Ware Responds to Lea Michele’s Funny Girl CastingNot so funny, girl.
  20. lea michele redemption arc
    The Spring Awakening Cast Is Still Making Theater Kids HornyLea Michele won’t be reading this, but we’ll tell you about her Tony performance anyway.
  21. the word of her body
    Lea Michele Is the Guilty One (of Oversharing About Jonathan Groff)On occasion of HBO’s Spring Awakening doc, Those You’ve Known.
  22. reunions
    Lea Michele Heads to HBO … for a Spring Awakening Reunion DocumentaryPremiering next year.
  23. reunions
    Lea Michele Returning to Broadway Anyway for Spring Awakening Reunion ConcertThe Funny Girl revival won’t rain on her parade.
  24. funny girls
    Funny Girl Star Beanie Feldstein Doesn’t ‘Know’ Lea Michele ‘Whatsoever’And she “didn’t understand” why Michele’s name was trending when she was cast in the show.
  25. reading is fundamental
    Hey Grimes! Other Celebrities Read Too, Ya KnowNo one will ever beat Bradley Cooper reading Lolita to his 21-year-old girlfriend.
  26. lima forever
    Lea Michele’s Tribute to Naya Rivera Will Have You Crying Like It’s 2011No words necessary.
  27. last night on late night
    Sarah Paulson Pleads the Fifth on Lea MicheleBlame the AirPods? Oldest trick in the book.
  28. glee
    Heather Morris Somehow Both Drags and Defends Her Glee Co-Star Lea Michele“…was she unpleasant to work with? Very much so.”
  29. quar goss
    Lea Michele Doesn’t Recall Threatening to Poop in Samantha Ware’s WigBut knows “that’s not the point.”
  30. tv
    Glee’s Samantha Marie Ware Says Lea Michele Made Working on Show ‘Living Hell’Michele released an apology after being dropped from her HelloFresh sponsorship.
  31. last night on late night
    Lea Michele and Idina Menzel Perform Christmas Songs in Parallel UniversesWith a Jonathan Groff guest spot.
  32. lea michele
    Watch: It’s Christmas in New York and on Lea Michele’s SoundstageSomebody free her from her snow-globe prison!
  33. good cheer
    Lea Michele to Drop Christmas Album Years After You Assumed She Already Had OneYes, her best friend Jonathan Groff will be featured.
  34. viva la hester
    Sorry, Scream Queens Fans: Lea Michele Is Joining ABC’s City-Mayor Comedy PilotDon’t cry because it’s over, smile because you screamed a lot.
  35. chat room
    Lea Michele Talks Hannibal Hester, Scream Queens“I just can’t wait for everyone to see more of the crazy shit that we do.”
  36. in remembrance
    Ryan Murphy Remembers Cory Monteith’s Last Words“We all got too personal.”
  37. vulture book club
    The Tea From Naya Rivera’s Book Sorry Not SorryCareful, it’s hot.
  38. the industry
    Idina Menzel Will Be the Wind Beneath Lifetime’s Beaches RemakeAnd Lea Michele, please?
  39. casting couch
    Lea Michele, Robert Buckley to Star in Hulu ShowThe six-episode series explores the “wonders and horrors of the digital age.”
  40. ham4ham
    Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele Do Ham4HamThis video is brought to you by dreams and Starburst.
  41. 2 scream 2 queen
    Scream Queens: Main Cast Are All ReturningGo Kappa!
  42. chat room
    Lea Michele on Scream Queens Red Devil RevealAnd why Ryan Murphy is “the present and the future of television.”
  43. fantasy casting
    What Ryan Murphy’s OITNB Would Look LikeSomeone get Lea Michele a prison jumpsuit.
  44. let it gooooooooooooooblargh
    There Is a Video Out There of Lea Michele Barfing While Singing ‘Let It Go’Or so she claims. 
  45. casting couch
    Lea Michele and Ariana Grande Join Ryan Murphy’s Scream QueensLife after Glee.
  46. tv
    Glee’s Lea Michele on Her Sons of Anarchy Cameo“Any break I get on Glee, I watch Sons of Anarchy DVDs in my trailer.”
  47. Lea Michele’s Twitter Account Also Gets HackedLea, was your password “Barbra Streisand”?
  48. debunked
    Glee Actress Drama Too Closely Mirrors the ShowClearly.
  49. ballad days
    Listen to Lea Michele’s New Single ‘Battlefield’The love war rages on.
  50. right-click
    Hear Lea Michele’s First Single, ‘Cannonball’She wants to be a pop star.
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