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Leaves Of Grass

  1. long lost reads
    Long Lost Walt Whitman Novel Has Been Found 165 Years LaterWhitman’s Life and Adventures of Jack Engle is considered a precursor to Leaves of Grass.
  2. clickables
    Watch a Cartoon About Tim Blake Nelson’s Thwarted Plans to Become a Star Trek FerengiIt’s super-cute.
  3. delays
    Edward Norton Stoner Movie to Open Later, ManFollowing its acquisition by a new distributor, the movie will get a bigger release sometime this summer than the two-screen one planned by First Look Studios.
  4. party lines
    Russell, Norton at Leaves of Grass PremiereHe thinks you should save your weed for David Lynch.
  5. trailer mix
    Leaves of Grass Trailer: Ed Norton Doubles His Pleasure, Doubles His FunThe real question is this: Can he be more convincing at playing twins than Jean-Claude Van Damme? (We sincerely hope so.)
  6. the industry
    Will Smith Now the Fresh Prince of EgyptPlus: Two more Spider-Man movies!
  7. the industry
    Edward Norton to Star in ‘Leaves of Grass’ — Really!Plus industry news on Angelina Jolie, Samuel L. Jackson, and Snake Eyes.