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Legendary Pictures

  1. the industry
    Legendary Pictures Is Adapting Life Is StrangeYou can already download the first episode for free.
  2. coming to america
    China Just Made a Big Leap Into HollywoodChinese money can now dictate details of American blockbusters explicitly, not just on the consumer end.
  3. the monster mash
    King Kong, Godzilla Will Clash AgainThanks to an industry move that’s creating something à la the MCU.
  4. the industry
    Industry: Jack The Giant Killer Gets The Green LightPlus: ‘Total Recall’ remake looks for a leading man.
  5. the industry
    Next Johnny Depp–Gore Verbinski Collaboration to Be Even More Cartoonish Than ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’Plus: An untitled futuristic movie!
  6. the industry
    Charlize Theron Makes Anti-Capitalist Agitation Hot AgainPlus industry news on David Duchovny, Scott Rudin, and A Thousand Splendid Suns.