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Lenny Abrahamson

  1. comic relief
    Normal People Secretly Filmed Two Bonus Episodes Set 40 Years LaterIt imagines what would have happened to Marianne and Connell.
  2. conversations with friends
    Hulu Picks Up Sally Rooney’s Conversations With Friends SeriesIt will be helmed by Normal People director Lenny Abrahamson.
  3. horror
    Room Director Finds Another Claustrophobic Space in The Little StrangerIt continues the themes of a woman trapped in a hostile environment.
  4. room without a view
    Touring the Room From Room, Rebuilt in a Los Angeles MallIt wasn’t the space that made me feel claustrophobic. It was the sense memory of what I’d seen happen there.
  5. movies
    How Lenny Abrahamson Got a Child Actor for Room“He’s going to be a great one,” Abrahamson said of actor Jake Tremblay.
  6. adaptations
    Emma Donoghue’s Room Is Closer to Becoming a MovieLenny Abrahamson is set to direct.