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Leonard Bernstein

  1. movie review
    Maestro Is a Masterful Reconstruction That Remains Just ThatThe Leonard Bernstein biopic somehow proves that Bradley Cooper is a director of genuine vision, even though it’s not a particularly successful movie.
  2. nyff 2023
    Bradley Cooper Reads Scripts Alfresco“It would be just the two of us sitting and reading the whole script back and forth to each other.”
  3. venice 2023
    We Are Asking the Wrong Question About Bradley Cooper’s Maestro NoseThe more fun question is: Are noses to Bradley Cooper what feet are to Quentin Tarantino?
  4. leonard bernstein
    Leonard Bernstein’s Family Gives Bradley Cooper’s Fake Nose the Okay“It happens to be true that Leonard Bernstein had a nice, big nose.”
  5. gallery
    Bradley Cooper As BernsteinOn the town and on the set with the biopic version of Lenny.
  6. movie review
    Do You Like West Side Story? Then You’ll Love West Side Story.Steven Spielberg finally makes his musical. It was (mostly) worth the wait.
  7. casting call
    Carey Mulligan Says Hello Felicia (Bernstein)She joins Bradley Cooper’s Leonard Bernstein.
  8. music review
    Music Review: Leonard Bernstein Is Paid Half-Hearted Tribute at TanglewoodAndris Nelsons conducted as if he would rather be at home watching TV. Some music can endure an uncommitted performance; Bernstein’s can’t.
  9. music review
    Music Review: Leonard Bernstein’s Mass Has Finally Found Its EraIt’s been called bloated, dated, naïve — but it also contains a lot of beauty.
  10. who berned it best
    Bradley Cooper Joins the Battle of the Leonard Bernstein BiopicsCooper versus Gyllenhaal, pick your composer.
  11. Jake Gyllenhaal Cast As Leonard Bernstein In Biopic From Cary Joji FukunagaLike a symphony, the movie will be structured in five movements.
  12. decisions decisions
    Steven Spielberg Finds New Cool Idea: a Leonard Bernstein MovieThe director reportedly held a secret table read of a biopic about the composer.
  13. Theater Review: On the Town Can Still Cook, TooYou’d think it was your first time in New York!
  14. chat room
    Daniel Reichard From ‘Jersey Boys’ on His New Role in ‘Candide’ and Always Playing the VirginReichard spoke with Vulture about leaving one of the biggest Broadway musicals ever and why he’s not like his characters.
  15. the industry
    Seth Rogen Will Flash His Fake Badge and Take Kevin James DownPlus: Jim Carrey in Jason Reitman’s next.