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  1. ya heard?
    Where the Parks and Rec Characters Are Now, According to the Reunion SpecialThey got together for a Gryzzl call.
  2. leslie knope
    Leslie Knope: Still the Great Political Hope for Local Government OfficialsThere are worse political role models.
  3. vulture lists
    The 10 Best Parks and Rec Episodes About AmericaIf you’re looking for a jolt of optimism, Leslie Knope can help.
  4. exactly what you needed to hear
    Leslie Knope Pens a Letter on Donald Trump“Our president-elect is everything you should abhor and fear in a male role model.”
  5. parks and recreation
    Poehler Still Wants to Keep Up With Leslie KnopeOld habits die hard.
  6. vulture lists
    The Best Weird Compliments Leslie Gives Ann on Parks and RecreationTake Leslie’s lead and celebrate your best friend. Animal terminology optional.
  7. tv
    What We Learned From Revisiting Season One of Parks and RecreationMost comedies take a long time to find their footing. Parks was no exception.
  8. deleted scenes
    See a New Deleted Scene From Parks and RecThere is a lot of shouting.
  9. wisdom
    Get Inspired by Our Leslie Knope Wisdom Generator“You only get one chance to make a second impression.”
  10. kid casting
    Kid Casting: Which TV Show Does It Best?Does little Dick Whitman really look like Don Draper?
  11. make it work
    A Closer Look at Leslie Knope’s Wedding DressYup, that is Sandra Day O’Connor on her skirt!
  12. weddings!
    Let’s Help Plan the 30 Rock and Parks and Rec WeddingsLeslie and Ben will have to serve waffles.
  13. Joe Biden Is Coming to ‘Parks and Recreation’ Joe Biden (who is still the Vice President of the United States for those not keeping up) is cameoing in next week’s episode of Parks and […]
  14. These Crests for Beloved, Ass-Kicking Female TV Characters Are Worth BuyingWomen: They’re just better.
  15. parks and recreation
    Watch a Leslie Knope 2012 Video TributeKnope we can!
  16. parks and recreaton
    Behold Leslie Knope’s Endless Canon of ImpressionsIs that Leslie Knope or the Terminator? We may never know.
  17. Leslie Knope For President“First, since I believe that the civil rights and egalitarianism our founding fathers instilled in this nation are not to be trifled with, I […]
  18. knope 2012
    What a Leslie Knope Presidency Would EntailBeyoncé and universal health care, for starters.
  19. vulture lists
    The Win-Loss Record of Fifteen TV Political HopefulsCan we handicap Leslie Knope’s chances based on the campaigns of Woody Boyd, Sam Seaborn, Gaius Baltar and more?
  20. Parks and Rec Recap: ‘The Debate’As Parks and Recreation barrels towards the Election Day finish line of its fourth season, the show’s approaching a potential plot shift that […]
  21. Who Would Win at Charades, Leslie Knope or Michael Scott?Duels or “classy show-downs” as they are often called by no one, have been solving hot debates for ages. They’re useful for delivering crowds a […]
  22. knope 2012
    Leslie Knope Just Landed a Real-Life Union EndorsementAnd they offered her waffles.
  23. parks and recreaton
    See Leslie Knope As Rosie the RiveterPoehler for Prez!
  24. parks and recreaton
    See Another Poster for Leslie Knope’s Campaign on Parks and RecreationGet it? Knope? Knope?
  25. Parks and Rec Recap: ‘Sweet Sixteen’With news of Parks and Rec’s sabbatical this week, it seemed kind of eerie that the newest episode of the show would follow Ron forcing Leslie […]
  26. parks and recreaton
    See All the Things Leslie Knope Is ‘Pro’Leslie Knope: Likes Stuff.
  27. Parks and Rec Recap: ‘The Comeback Kid’When Parks and Recreation left off for winter break over a month ago, Ron Swanson and the rest of the Parks Department crew had agreed to […]
  28. Get a Little Choked Up by This Leslie Knope Political Ad It’s okay if you cry a little at this ad for Leslie Knope’s City Council campaign because you’re just so proud to live in America. Or, […]
  29. knope 2012
    See Vulture’s Proposed Ad for Leslie Knope’s City Council RunKnope 2012!
  30. parks and recreaton
    See a Real-Life Campaign Ad for Fictional Leslie KnopeFour more years (of Parks and Rec)!
  31. slideshow
    See the Parks and Recreation Characters As CartoonsLeslie Knope would be adorable animated.
  32. parks and recreaton
    See a Leslie Knope–Themed Word CloudGet inside Leslie Knope’s mind!
  33. Parks and Rec Recap: ‘The Trial of Leslie Knope’Leslie and Ben spent the better part of the last two seasons worrying about the ramifications of making their relationship public, so it only […]
  34. Leslie Knope: Human EmoticonThe many faces of Leslie Knope: human emoticon. But where’s David Cho’s favorite emoticon? You know, this one: t(-_-t)