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Less Than Zero

  1. tv adaptations
    Hulu Is Making a Less Than Zero Series, and Your Ex-Boyfriend Is ThrilledIt hasn’t been given a green light, but the project is in development.
  2. vulture recommends
    Today in Vulture Recommends: Five Earlier Exploits of the Avengers CastWhat happened before the Avengers assembled? A whole lot of character acting.
  3. beefs
    Bret Easton Ellis Has Good Sense to Hate EntourageGood for him!
  4. overdue sequels
    Bret Easton Ellis Wants to Reunite Less Than Zero Cast for a SequelWhatever we can do to help make this happen, we’ll do it!
  5. quote machine
    Life Imitated Art for Robert Downey Jr. on ‘Less Than Zero’Plus: Merle Haggard on belly buttons, and how David Bowie feels about Hilary Duff.
  6. feature
    The Story Behind American Psycho’s CancellationSimon & Schuster decided that Bret Easton Ellis’s slice-and-dice novel was too loathsome to print. Knopf thought otherwise.