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Let’s Do It Again

  1. let’s do it again
    Come Watch a Sequel in the Park With UsBryant Park Movie Nights are back this summer.
  2. vulture asks
    Who Is the Greatest Character to Come Out of a Sequel?Here are 26 possible answers to that question.
  3. let’s do it again
    Hollywood Can’t Leave Romancing the Stone AloneThe deceptively effortless-seeming Kathleen Turner–Michael Douglas romantic adventure never spawned a franchise, but not for any lack of trying.
  4. let’s do it again
    Creed II’s Director Almost Passed on Directing the FilmDespite having made just one previous film, Steven Caple Jr. initially felt “uncomfortable” with directing the highly anticipated Rocky spinoff sequel
  5. let’s do it again
    Rewriting the Behind-the-Scenes Story of Iron Man 2The sequel was made before the MCU streamlined its operations, when ad-libbing, “writing gyrations,” and Elon Musk cameos were okay.
  6. let’s do it again
    Praise Eywa, James Cameron Finally Debuted Footage from Avatar: The Way of WaterThe first glimpse at our return to Pandora played to cheers and applause from a mesmerized CinemaCon audience.
  7. let’s do it again
    Lion King 1 1/2 Makes Sense If You Were Raised on Home VideoThe team behind the straight-to-DVD movie banged on the wall between Disney feature animation and Disneytoon Studios until a perfect sequel fell out.
  8. let’s do it again
    The Hardest Sequel I Ever WroteThe writers behind Blade Runner 2049, Batman Returns, the John Wick sequels, and more on their toughest franchise gigs.
  9. great ideas
    The Story Behind That Wild Grown Ups 3 ScriptTom Scharpling, a big Sandler fan, explains his unofficial sequel project.
  10. let’s do it again
    The Famous Sequels That Never HappenedBeetlejuice Goes Hawaiian suffered death in development, as did so many other follow-ups that could have been.
  11. let’s do it again
    An Emergency Discussion of Blade Runner 2049 in 2022What a five-year-old movie can tell us about the future of franchises and whether movies are moving backward.
  12. let’s do it again
    The 101 Best Movie Sequels of All TimeWhether they come after, before, or between their predecessors, these films have created their own indelible legacies.