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Letters Of Note

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    Read Frank Sinatra’s Open Letter to George Michael From 1990“Come on, George. Loosen up. Swing, man.”
  2. Groucho Marx’s Funny Apology Letter to Woody AllenAfter meeting in 1961, Woody Allen and Groucho Marx became fast friends, despite their 45-year age difference. Letters of Note has a letter […]
  3. Lorne Michaels Had a Kinda Funny, Kinda Creepy Form Letter to Respond to […]By 1976 SNL was in full-swing and likely immediately afterward Lorne Michaels started receiving top-notch submissions for sketches like: Jimme […]
  4. Gene Wilder Had a Very Specific Image of Willy Wonka“The hat is terrific, but making it 2 inches shorter would make it more special,” wrote Gene Wilder in a letter to Willy Wonka director Mel […]
  5. Terry Gilliam Feels Every Cut as a CastrationMonths after Terry Gilliam’s Brazil was already a success abroad, he and the studio were still fighting over how to cut it for America. When […]
  6. Bill Hicks and a Priest Don’t Walk Into a Bar – They Send LettersBack in 1993 a priest wrote to Channel 4, complaining about their airing of Bill Hick’s “blasphemous” special Revelations. Smartly, and luckily […]
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    Read a ‘No More Parties’ Letter From Andy Warhol’s Factory Landlord“We understand that they are generally large parties and are held after usual office hours.”
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    Read Dean Martin’s Foolproof Burger RecipeThe original Ron Swanson.
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    Read Quentin Tarantino’s Sweet Handwritten Reply to a 13-Year-Old FanAnother gem from Letters of Note.
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    Read a Surprisingly Sweet Love Letter From George Carlin to His WifeIt involves some very romantic math.
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    Read Two Very Sweet Letters From Thom Yorke to Nineties Radiohead FansLove, Thom.
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    Read a 6-Year-Old’s Exemplary Application for a High-Profile Museum Job“I am only 6 but I think I can do this job.”
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    Read Disney’s 1976 Rejection Letter to Tim BurtonTim Burton: not a great speller.
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    Read Marlon Brando’s Creepy Love Letter to a Sixties Flight Attendant“Irrespective of your gothic aspects … “
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    Read a 1978 Love Letter From Sid Vicious to Nancy SpungenIt’s a little sad.
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    Madonna Reveals Hatred of Actresses in Unearthed 1991 LetterShe also calls Geena Davis a “Barbie doll.”
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    Read Playwright Harold Pinter’s Excellent Letter to Schoolchildren“His name is assumed because he assumed it.”
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    Read the Letter a Campbell’s Soup Exec Wrote Andy Warhol“Dear Mr. Warhol … “
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    Read Pixar Director Pete Docter’s Cute Letter to a Fan“As John Lasseter likes to say, our films don’t get finished, they just get released.”
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    Read Steve Martin’s Very Personal Letter to a Fan“Dear Jenny … “
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    Frank Sinatra Zings George Michael in a Classy Letter From 1990“Come on, George. Loosen up.”