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  1. party report
    There’s Hope for Queen Charlotte’s Other Great Love StoryActor Hugh Sachs says one scene didn’t make it into the Bridgerton prequel.
  2. a tár is born
    Cate Blanchett Doesn’t Understand the ‘Obsession With Labels’“If [Carol] was made now, me not being gay — would I be given public permission to play that role?”
  3. vulture sports
    Release the Gay Cut of 80 for BradyGus Kenworthy says his smooch with Brian Jordan Alvarez was cut from the flick.
  4. grammys 2023
    Kim Petras Thanks SOPHIE After Historic Grammy Win“SOPHIE, my friend who passed away two years ago, who told me this would happen and always believed in me.”
  5. cue the diana!
    Noah Schnapp Looks Both Ways Before Coming OutTime to pack up the Millie Bobby Brown jokes … please!
  6. blue is the warmest christmas
    The Best Queer Holiday Movies to Make the Yuletide GayTrope-y holiday romance isn’t just for the straights.
  7. switched on pop
    Cuddle Up to the Sweet, Soft Sounds of Sapphic PopTegan and Sara, King Princess, and even Hozier soundtrack a feeling of femme4femme yearning.
  8. it’s hard out here for an ally
    Did Netflix Really Put an LGBTQ Tag on Dahmer?“Dahmer and Heartstopper is a great double feature” — Netflix, probably.
  9. my single is dropping
    Lil Uzi Vert Drops New Music and New PronounsThe rapper, who goes by they/them pronouns, is readying a new EP.
  10. i’m! coming! out!
    Stranger Things’s Noah Schnapp Confirms Will Byers ‘Does Love Mike’“It’s 100 percent clear that he is gay …”
  11. hi gay
    HBO Max Can’t Get Enough Megan Stalter, Developing Comedy Pilot Church GirlsInspired by her own life experiences, the show will follow Stalter as a “Christian closeted lesbian” in Ohio.
  12. beanbon
    Beanie Feldstein to March Her Wedding Band Out, Beat Her DrumCongrats to our favorite celebrity couple, BeanBon.
  13. we not humping (remix)
    Harry Styles Won’t Have Explicit Gay Sex Scenes in My PolicemanHe participates in “sculptural” gay “lovemaking,” according to director Michael Grandage.
  14. chat room
    Willow Pill on Her Crotch-Face Look and the Taste of Victory“Pancakes and bacon.”
  15. animation
    Nimona Was Too Gay for Disney. Netflix Adopted It.When Disney acquired Blue Sky Studios in 2019, the company took issue with the animated movie’s LGBTQ+ themes, including a same-sex kiss.
  16. party report
    Stephanie Beatriz Says Mirabel’s Story Is ‘Different’ From Queer Experiences“The main thing happening is this feeling and desire to be accepted by her family and to be loved for who she is.”
  17. this! is! exciting!
    Jeopardy! Champion Amy Schneider Is Now a MillionaireShe hit $1,019,001 in total earnings with her 28th win.
  18. trans rights
    Trans Netflix Staff Plan a Walkout After Company Response to Chappelle Special“Our leadership has shown us that they do not uphold the values to which we are held.”
  19. music videos
    Troye Sivan’s ‘Angel Baby’ Music Video Is Deliciously FruityLet him eat cake (off whomever he wants)!
  20. dancing with the stars
    JoJo Siwa Is Jenna Johnson’s Girl in Dancing With the Stars DebutSiwa quickstepped her way to history in the show’s first same-sex pairing.
  21. bam!
    Gagatrondra, RuPaul’s Drag Race Renewed for Season 14 on VH1As well as Untucked and Secret Celebrity Drag Race.
  22. summer jam 2021
    DaBaby Makes New Apology in Live Return Before Calling Critics ‘Crybabies’Hot 97 Summer Jam marked his first performance since the fallout from anti-AIDS and -LGBTQ comments at Rolling Loud Miami.
  23. trailer mix
    Some Genius Gave Willam a Judge Judy–Style Gay Court ShowWhorder in the court!
  24. innit
    Drag Race U.K. Will Have the Franchise’s First Cis Female QueenThe third season premieres on WOW Presents Plus on September 23.
  25. vulture lists
    8 Lesbian Movies With Few to Zero Sad LesbiansHappy vibes only!!!
  26. vulture lists
    11 Noteworthy Documentaries Celebrating LGBTQ+ WomenFrom 1920s lesbians appreciating art in Paris to a retired Illinois couple coming out after six decades together.
  27. pride
    David Archuleta Comes Out As Part of LGBTQ+ CommunityHe explained that he is unsure of his sexuality.
  28. close reads
    Love, Victor Is Maturing Into a Better, Messier Version of ItselfSeason two of the Hulu YA series gets more explicit, yes, but it also allows its protagonist, and the series, to exist outside tidy resolutions.
  29. rebecca is a food critic now
    We Tried Chipotle’s Drag Queen Menu Just to Taste the Corporate PrideWe’re all born naked and the guac is extra.
  30. quar goss
    Tessa Thompson, Taika Waititi, and Rita Ora’s Lips Caught Preparing for Thor 4Thompson was also spotted with model Zac Stenmark.
  31. lgbtq
    Billy Porter Reveals He’s Been HIV-Positive for 14 Years“I survived so that I could tell the story. That’s what I’m here for.”
  32. i’m coming out
    Demi Lovato Comes Out As Nonbinary, Uses They/Them PronounsIn the premiere episode of their 4D podcast.
  33. party in the usa
    Miley Cyrus Will Say ‘Gay Rights!’ for PeacockShe’s hosting a Pride concert special.
  34. bachelor nation
    Colton Underwood Says a Blackmail Threat Prompted His Coming OutPlus, more details on his upcoming Netflix reality series.
  35. book adaptations
    HBO to Develop a Scripted Drama Based on E. Lynn Harris’s Invisible LifeThe author’s 1991 novel, the first in a trilogy, follows a young Black man’s journey toward discovering his sexuality.
  36. drag
    Drag Race España to Bring the Prestige With Veneno Creators on Its Judges PanelYet another Drag Race series will begin streaming in May, to make sure not a month goes untouched by televised drag artistry.
  37. influences
    9 Influences on Rebecca Black’s Reinvention, From Madonna to the ‘Friday’ Hate“Everything that happened to me as a result of ‘Friday’ was a whole other wagon of stuff to go through with a therapist.”
  38. could it be…satan?!
    Nike Clarifies It Doesn’t Endorse Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes, Now With Human BloodA federal judge has stopped the sale of Lil Nas X’s demonic sneakers.
  39. hi
    Well Jingle Our Bells, Netflix Is Making a Holiday Movie With Jennifer CoolidgeSingle All the Way will also co-star Kathy Najimy.
  40. chat room
    Drag Race U.K.’s Lawrence Chaney’s Up in This Gig“If it’s just a badge, why are you mad your favorite didn’t win? The badge does mean something.”
  41. lgbtq
    Voldemort Himself Defends J.K. Rowling“I can’t understand the vitriol directed at her,” Ralph Fiennes said.
  42. rupaul’s drag race
    Say G’Day to the Sheilas of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down UnderThe latest international expansion of the Drag Race empire will have ten new queens.
  43. vulture lists
    A Guide to Russell T. Davies’s Queer CanonThe It’s a Sin showrunner has a long history of LGBTQ+ representation on the small screen.
  44. tv review
    It’s a Sin’s Clear-Eyed Look at the AIDS Crisis Has One Big Blind SpotRussell T Davies’s often beautifully moving limited series, now on HBO Max, falls into a familiar pattern that complicates its central tragedy.
  45. chat room
    Drag Race’s Tamisha Iman Is Coming for You“My kids are proud. Everybody’s proud. Even I’m proud.”
  46. last night on late night
    JoJo Siwa Says Her ‘Perfect’ Girlfriend Encouraged Her to Come Out“She was like, ‘Do it!’ And I was like, ‘All right,’ and I did it.”
  47. we did it jojo
    What Could JoJo Siwa’s “Born This Way” TikTok Possibly Mean?The 17-year-old rainbow-lover officially came out as gay, confirming fans’ suspicions.
  48. just fyi
    Eddie Izzard Says She’ll Be Using ‘She/Her’ Pronouns Going Forward“I just want to be based in girl mode from now on,” said the comedian.
  49. close reads
    Please Let Slag Wars Be Queer Reality TV’s FutureSo much more than a porn competition, the series is a genuine celebration of queer bodily pleasure and emotional candor.
  50. apologies
    Shawn Mendes Apologizes for Misgendering Sam Smith in Jingle Ball Introduction“We’re all learning together,” Smith wrote on their Instagram Story.
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