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Liberal Arts

  1. chat room
    Josh Radnor and Lizzy Olsen Aren’t Into TwilightRadnor: “I tend to read things that are a little more on the nourishing side …”Olsen: “I would never take the time to read those books … “
  2. exclusive
    See Radnor and Olsen’s Liberal Arts ClipThere’s a bit of an age difference.
  3. Ted Mosby’s Going Back to College… And majoring in Beard Growing, with a minor in Zach Braffian Archetypes. This is the second film Josh Radnor wrote, directed, and starred in, […]
  4. trailer mix
    Liberal Arts Trailer: Ted Mosby’s Big MovieJosh Radnor wrote, directed, and starred in an indie movie.
  5. josh radnor
    Josh Radnor Goes Back to School With Elizabeth Olsen in Liberal ArtsIt’s about an old guy and a college girl. Where have we heard that one before?
  6. liberal arts
    Harvard Students to Study The WireWhat, no ‘SpongeBob’?