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  1. brad pitt
    Now Is the Perfect Time to Watch Meet Joe BlackTrick yourself into staying home with a three-hour movie about Brad Pitt being Death and also a virgin.
  2. life advice
    Oliver Stone Asks Filmmakers to Stay Independent“Don’t go easy on what you think is wrong.”
  3. life advice
    Just Another Moment You Wish Judge Judy Were Your MomEllen, too!
  4. life advice
    Stephen Colbert’s Advice to Young Girls Is Good Advice for AnyoneHe also gives his definition of love.
  5. life advice
    How to Pick Up Strangers, by Julie DelpyHint: It’s a sex act.
  6. life advice
    Jodie Foster Will Save You, Kristen StewartShe knows what she’s doing.
  7. life advice
    Taylor Kitsch’s Shoe-Tying Tip Will Change Your LifeSays Taylor Kitsch.