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Life Imitates Art

  1. rules of rom coms
    Every Time Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Promoted Their Rom-com Too WellDo we have another Mr. & Mrs. Smith situation?
  2. life imitates art
    What Happened at the Yellowstone PaleyFest Panel?The Duttons didn’t make it from the ranch to the Dolby.
  3. life imitates art
    Lea Michele Returns to Funny Girl Next WeekNo, she’s not auditioning for a pilot in Los Angeles.
  4. last night on late night
    J. Smith-Cameron Should Have Thrown Two Drinks in Kieran Culkin’s FaceShe employed a three-strike rule.
  5. life imitates art
    Dominic Fike Loves Hunter Schafer, Shopping at PradaHe went to the store eight times in four days to see her ads.
  6. life imitates art
    Cops Finally Stepping Up the Hunt for Meth Cook Walter WhiteIn Alabama instead of Albuquerque, and in real life instead of on AMC.
  7. life imitates art
    A Guy Named Omar Little Was Arrested in Baltimore This WeekendBut not that Omar.
  8. life imitates art
    Black Swan Double Continues to Play Mind Games With Natalie Portman“They’re completely lying.”
  9. theater
    Monetizing Emma Invests in Smart TeensAnd this idea is only half-fictional now.